Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Canada – Repealing the Registry?

A recent opinion piece in the Windsor Star details efforts to repeal the almost 15 year old Canadian firearm registry. A bill has been proposed by Conservative Garry Breitkreuz to do away with the needless and needlessly wasteful firearm registration scheme. Initially supposed to cost $2 million (Canadian), the actual expense to Canadian taxpayers has been at least $2 BILLION. What’s worse is as early as 2002, Auditor General Sheila Fraser indicated that “the program was excessively regulatory, overly complex and very costly to deliver and had become difficult for owners to comply with.”

Canadian Prime Minister Stephen Harper supports the bill:

"There are MPs in all these parties that know what we know: that law-abiding hunters and farmers are not part of the crime problem and that you should be respected and not demonized. I challenge you to press these MPs to follow their consciences and do what they know is right, vote to abolish the long-gun registry and fight crime instead."

Veterans Affairs Minister Greg Thompson points out another dark side to firearm registration:

"Many police investigators have publicly voiced their concerns that the gun registry has been breached and become a shopping list for thieves."

Many in Canada have reached the obvious conclusion – criminals don’t register their firearms and will go to any lengths to obtain weaponry. These points should have been debated in greater detail before such a sizable portion of the public treasury had been siphoned off on a leftist disarmament scheme, but unfortunately it appears that Canada had to learn this lesson the hard way.

Unfortunately there are many in the United States who would send our firearm laws down the same fruitless path. I sincerely hope that the Canadian registry is abolished as its failure and dismantling would demonstrate clearly that registration schemes don’t work. They only punish the law-abiding.

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Troy said...

I'm glad to see progress on gun rights anywhere, even if not in my own country... With the way things are going though, I can't help but worry that in a few years from now, marijuana will be legal and all my firearms won't!

Fingolfen said...

I'm keeping my fingers crossed on this one - we'll know what happens in early April...