Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Good News and Bad News on Maxwell Case

Well, there’s good news and bad news on the Jeffrey Maxwell case. The bad news is that WOU has refused to reinstate Maxwell, and is apparently trying to play artful dodger in order to prevent their illegal policies from coming under legal scrutiny. The good news is that yet another group has stepped up and filed a lawsuit on Maxwell’s behalf.

The Albany Democrat-Herald is reporting that WOU has declined to reinstate Maxwell who has been suspended until at least June 12, 2009. Now Maxwell is being told that he wasn’t kicked out of school because of the concealed handgun, but rather for the knife and rifle. This “fact” was completely unclear at Maxwell’s original sentencing and this revisionist history seems to be designed to keep WOU’s unconstitutional policy and violations of Oregon law out of the court case. If the concealed weapon policy can’t be scrutinized in the court, then the court can’t rule against it, and WOU would potentially get to keep its illegal policy intact – a win for those with no respect for our Civil Rights. Hopefully the courts will see through this sham as the rifle should also be covered under his concealed permit. WOU eliminated the psychological evaluation portion of his “punishment”, but Maxwell is still required to write a paper for reinstatement, even though he broke no laws.

Fortunately Maxwell has gained another ally in his quest for justice on this issue. The Oregon War Veterans Association will be filing another lawsuit against Western Oregon University in light of this fiasco. Their comments were prefaced with this observation:

“In addition to his unlawful discipline, WOU humiliated the 30 year old, veteran Marine by mandating that he receive psychiatric evaluation and write a ten page paper on civil obedience before his readmission into the university.”

I can’t argue with that – they also appealed to Oregon Attorney General John Kroger to review the case:

“Attorney General John Kroger, a marine veteran, raised his right hand and swore to uphold the Constitution of the United States of America. His sworn pledge does not include protections for the administrative rules of Western Oregon University. OWVA thinks it would be wise for the Attorney General to intervene in this complex situation and advise Western Oregon University to correct its wrongdoing and apologize to Maxwell.”

The goal of the OWVA case is simple:

“OWVA firmly expects Western Oregon University to reverse its decision to suspend Maxwell, restore his lost academic credits, present an apology to the Marine for the humiliation this ordeal caused, and develop a sound policy that protects his right to carry a concealed handgun, in accordance with the law.”

I’m glad to see that both firearms and veterans’ groups are coming to Maxwell’s aid on this one. Again, this case could be pivotal for our concealed carry rights in Oregon. Please continue to support Maxwell and your own Civil Rights by contacting your representatives and other elected officials and donating to the organizations defending Maxwell where you are able!

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