Friday, March 6, 2009

House Holds Up DC Ban Repeal

Fox news is reporting that a House vote on granting a full seat in the House to the District of Columbia has been held up because the House version of the bill still does not include the Second Amendment supports that the Senate version does. The vehemently anti-Second Amendment D.C. Delegate Eleanor Holmes-Norton is, of course, livid:

"There is no choice between a vote for American citizens and a completely unrelated and reckless gun bill. That is a non-choice. That's not a fair exchange. That's not even an unfair exchange. That is an absurd exchange that no one would accept."

She continues:

"If members are here by virtue of some support of the NRA, I have news for them. Many of the Democratic members are because there is a solid group of Democrats who vote for them. The most solid group are African-Americans. It will not help any Democrat to go home this time and say he killed a civil rights bill with a gun bill."

Wow, how many misconceptions and accusations can one individual throw into one tirade? First, gun rights ARE Civil Rights – period. Full stop. DC has an abysmal record of respecting the civil rights of its citizens with its bans and draconian end around of the Heller decision. Holmes-Norton’s attempt to play this as a special interest denying the citizens DC their Civil Rights is the most hollow and hypocritical ploy I’ve seen in a long time.

The reason voting has been postponed is the Democratic leadership, which appears to be opposed to the Ensign Amendment, faced a full-scale revolt from moderate and conservative Democrats on the issue (as predicted in my post election break-down of the House). If House Democrats in districts strong Second Amendment country voted against the Ensign Amendment, they know that their seats would be in jeopardy in 2010.

Holmes-Norton’s tirade continued:

"The gravest insult is to pit the safety and security of everybody in the District -- from the president down to the kids who can now get hold of military weapons plus District residents -- put all that at risk by putting this reckless bill forward.”

Military weapons are fully automatic. Those require a dealer’s license or a Class III transfer. Furthermore, if ready access to firearms is so dangerous, why is the murder rate in DC so many times what it is here in Oregon – where individuals can actually own Class III weapons if they can afford the multi-thousand dollar price tag?

I’m once again amazed at the lies and distortions opponents of the Second Amendment seem to get away with. DC’s gun ban caused the murder rate in the District to SKYROCKET, yet these demagogues continue to act as though it turned trench warfare into nirvana – and the masses eat it up. Maybe DC isn’t ready for a House seat. . .

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