Sunday, March 1, 2009

Irrational Hatred of Guns Knows No Bounds

Or maybe in this case it is irrational and misplaced hatred of the NRA. Nicola Howe, a Garland Texas woman, is outraged because her daughter brought a coloring book home from school as a part of a firearm safety class. The class in question was the NRA Eddie Eagle class designed to keep children safe from firearms. The cornerstone of the Eddie Eagle program is that children are taught to stop, not touch the weapon, then run away and tell an adult.

However it appears that this mother’s problem runs deeper.

"Not only do I think it's inappropriate to provide this information to my 5-year-old, but this is a program published by the NRA."

So it’s not important that the program tries to keep children safe, the problem is that it was published by the evil NRA. Clearly partisan rhetoric and thought control is more important than her daughter's safety. I’m sorry, this is the most ludicrous travesty I’ve heard of in a long time. The mother goes on:

"Gun ownership, control and safety are hot topics as well. It just simply has no place in our school systems."

Ahhhh! I get it now! According to this mother we shouldn’t teach children about weapons, we should instead teach them to fear weapons, that weapons are evil, that weapons are bad, that weapons should be banned, and we absolutely shouldn’t teach them that they have Second Amendment rights and responsibilities when they're adults! Apparently Nicola Howe is a card carrying member of the "repeal the Second Amendment" crowd and she realizes that education makes her dream of a weapon free totalitarian police state with "safe" and controlled sheep as citizens harder.

Fortunately the citizens in the area don’t seem to generally agree with Howe’s extremist views. An unscientific poll on the site asks:

"Do you think gun safety programs sponsored by the NRA should be taught in elementary schools?"

Yes – It helps keep kids safe. 87%

No – Schools shouldn’t give gun information. 7%

It depends on the age. 6%

I’m not sure. 1%

It’s a sad day when there are so many that still campaign actively against our inalienable rights. I guess there have to be a few bad apples in every crowd, but are they really newsworthy? I think it is high time for the media to stop tilting at windmills, lose the anti-Second Amendment bias, and let these crackpots languish in anonymity, or if they must cover them, show them for the out of touch anti-Civil rights individuals they are.

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Bill O' Rites said...

"At 5 years old, anytime you tell a child not to touch something, that's exactly what they do. It's in their nature to be curious and to touch and handle things,"

Only if it's the child of a liberal who doesn't believe in disciplining misbehaviour in their brood.

Fingolfen said...

What ever happened to good basic discipline?

Micah said...

"what ever happened to good basic discipline?'

it went out the door with common sense and taking responsibility for your actions here in America.


Fingolfen said...

Seems like it Micah... hopefully we'll start turning the corner on that soon...