Friday, March 6, 2009

Is Ammo the Next Target?

Even ignoring attempts to require serializing of ammunition and purchase limits, the materials ammunition is fabricated from itself may be the next target for those seeking to limit the Second Amendment. In this fight, though, they’ll have powerful allies from the various environmental causes because the target in this case is literally a “soft target” – the lead most bullets are made from. CNN recently published an article with as clear slant as I’ve ever seen as a part of their “Planet in Peril” series.

The article is highly focused on so-called “green” bullets – those made entirely of copper. Unfortunately copper bullets aren’t available in all calibers, are far more expensive than conventional bullets, and copper supplies are far less plentiful than lead. The article cites a couple of studies detailing the presence or absence of lead in meat taken by hunters, but they seem to be “reporting the controversy” more than anything else as the only comprehensive study was inconclusive.

I have nothing against the so-called “green” bullets. Pure copper could offer many advantages as a bullet material, but I really don’t believe that there is any cause for additional regulation. Far too often environmental regulations are made by non-technical individuals responding to buzzwords and fear. Others play on that fear to gain allies for a far more nefarious purpose – a back door attack against our Second Amendment Rights.

I think we’re only starting to see the beginning of this particular debate. The keys to defending our ammunition supplies from those who seek to eliminate them under the guise of “public safety” is to ensure proper studies are done. Best data should ultimately win, but if the only data available is tainted by political slant, we’re in trouble!

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