Sunday, March 8, 2009

Leftist Hand-wringing on the Ensign Amendment

After winning overwhelming support in the Senate, the Ensign Amendment has become a major stumbling block in the House. The Hill is reporting that Pelosi is planning to meet with the Congressional Black Caucus on the issue. D.C. Designee Eleanor Holmes-Norton continues to paint this as a special interest horning in on a Civil Rights bill:

“The CBC is particularly concerned about the National Rifle Association’s assault on a civil rights bill, and with maintaining the unity of the Democratic Caucus on civil rights issues.”

Again, I hate to continue to inform the Delegate from the District of Columbia, but the right to keep and bear arms IS a Civil Right. It is a civil right that the district and many other large cities have violated for years. It is a civil rights violation that has lead to a higher violent crime rate in those areas. It is a civil rights violation that will no longer be tolerated. In order to be a part of the political process in America, the pre-requisite is respect for the Constitution which includes the Second Amendment.

While The Hill paints the centrist Democrats as being in the camp of the NRA, I refuse to believe that this is a race vs. special interest problem. The CBC and other African-American leaders are not looking at the issue objectively. If they did they’d realize that their legacy of gun control has resulted in the gang bangers, drug lords, and their minions being the only ones that are armed in urban areas. These criminals have no respect for human life, and no level of so-called “gun control” is ever going to be enough to control the actions of these criminals.

I all on the CBC to start recognizing the Civil Rights of their constituents: ALL of their Civil Rights. Americans living in urban areas have the same inalienable right to self defense that the rest of the nation has. It is time to stop the lies, to stop the false characterizations, it is time to admit that the policies of disarmament have been a disastrous failure, and the urban communities have paid the price in blood.

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