Saturday, March 21, 2009

March Rose City Gun Show Report

I made it out to the Rose City Gun Show this morning – lines were out the door to get in. Selection of what I was looking for was not quite what I was hoping for. There were some okay C&R pieces, but the really nice ones were commanding a premium. There were fewer AK derivatives this time around, but maybe a few more AR derivatives. The post election pricing panic hasn’t quite subsided yet, especially with all of the stories about reinstating the so-called “assault weapon” ban being mentioned in the press so prominently at this point. AR-15 lowers were plentiful and once again approaching reasonable prices (for the most part) at this show (range was about $150 to $200 for a stripped lower). Uppers were still in fairly short supply, and one of my favorite AR part dealers (J&S) didn’t even seem to be there.

There almost seemed to be more knife dealers than gun dealers this time around. Ammunition continues to be in high demand and short supply. I was able to pick up 150 pieces of 7.62x54R primed brass along with a few odds and ends for various projects I’m working on (spare rear trunnion and stock for my AMD-65 project among other neat bitz). There were, as always, tons of modern pistols and hunting rifles. I’m set for the former and the latter just isn’t my cup of tea. Some of the new smaller vendors did have some interesting stuff, though. Honestly I’ve ended up buying more from people I’ve only seen at one or two shows than anything else. They frequently have the unusual or unexpected.

While the selection wasn’t quite as good as I’d hoped, it was still a fun show. The old saying “a bad day at the gun show beats a good day at work” still holds. I’m hoping to set up a table to rotate some of my collection in another month or two – I’ll probably bring the spare Tabuk with me to that show as well to show off at least.

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Micah said...

Thanks for the report. I really wanted to go but was at the beach most of the weekend. What kind of prices did some of the C&R guns fetch? I've been looking for a nice 8mm Mauser or two... :)
Interestingly enough a friend that really isn't into guns asked me if I would go to the show with him! Seems all my talk of SKS's and Mosin Nagants has piqued his interest into war time relics...nice to have a convert.

If you had a table what type of things would you sell?

Fingolfen said...

Anything nice was at full value or full value +10% or so. Ryan had some decent Nagant revolvers for a reasonable price.

I generally rotate some of my Japanese collection at the show and bring a few rifles to show off on the "not for sale" stand.

I'm also planning on bringing the Tabuk once it's done