Monday, March 30, 2009

Oregon CHL Privacy Bill in Jeopardy

The Oregon Firearms Federation has released a recent alert detailing recent efforts to derail the Privacy Bill for concealed carry permit holders currently making its way through the legislature. According to OFF:

"... some Democratic members of the committee are attempting to rewrite the bill so instead of saying CHL records cannot be released, the law will say they cannot be released, unless a government agency wants to. All of the original protections will be taken out of the bill and the new language will provide virtually no protection at all."

Either you have privacy or you don’t. Privacy cannot and should not be subject to the whim of an agency official or based on the way the political wind is blowing. The OFF release provides key contacts for the Bill and a sample text urging the Representatives to pass the legislation in its original form with all of the protection for CHL holders intact. I slightly modified the provided text and sent it to the representatives listed with the title “Pass HB 2727 Without Amendments.” My version of the text is as follows:

"HB 2727 is an important defense for the privacy of concealed handgun license holders in Oregon. The bill, in its original form, will provide the best possible protection for sensitive information collected by the sheriffs of license holders. Their personal information should not be subject to disclosure at the whim of a state agency. This bill already has wide bi-partisan support in the legislature and the support of the overwhelming majority of sheriffs in Oregon. The amendments recently offered represent nothing more than attempts to gut this vitally important legislation.

"I urge you to pass HB 2727, without amendments, as soon as possible."

I strongly urge you to act on this alert if you value your privacy as a CHL holder. If Oregon is able to get this legislation passed, it could become a model for other parts of the country as well.

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