Friday, March 6, 2009

Tabuk Sniper Rifle Build Log - Part 1

This is the first installment of the build log for my Tabuk “Sniper” Rifle project. As I detailed in my previous blog entry, the Tabuk is a unique semi-automatic variant of normal Kalashnikov design. Because it is a semi-auto, long barreled marksman’s model of the AK, it represents a great project rifle for American builders. Right now I’m still in the parts collecting phase, but I thought I’d show some of the parts as they are at this point. Ultimately I will probably end up building two and selling one as a completed rifle to defray some of the overall costs of the project.

First is the receiver and some custom and hard to find parts. Although the Tabuk is based on the Yugoslavian M70 design, the receiver itself lacks the top cover locking pins. Therefore the M72 is a closer match for the receiver type. I’m using the NoDak Spud NDS-9 as the basis for my build. It will need to be engraved to replicate the characters on the original. Included in the parts above is the unique front sight block, a modified M70 front gas block, the optics mount, and an M72 rear leaf sight with windage adjustment. The sight block, modified gas block and optics mount are courtesy of a member of The AK Forum. The leaf sight will also need to be re-engraved in Arabic to match the original.

Another custom part is the rear trunion. This one was manufactured by a member of The AK Forum as well. The unique flash hider is also from NoDak Spud.

The rear gas block and pistol grip are both from a Yugoslavian M70. The gas block will require some farily intricate engraving to match the Lion of Babylon arsenal mark and other writing.

Above are the gas piston, bolt carrier, bolt, and barrel for the Tabuk. Everything other than the barrel is stock from an M70. The barrel is a custom barrel I picked up from Copes. I believe they obtained them from Green Mountain. The barrel itself is nearly virgin, with only the extractor port cut out. There is no gas port, nor are any of the notches for assembly pins set. This will create a more challenging build in some ways, but it will allow for near perfect head spacing and alignment of all parts.

The plan at this point is to finish collecting all of the parts that will need engraving (front trunion, rear gas block, receiver, rear sight, bolt, bolt carrier, top cover) and have those sent off for engraving before the actual build is started. Once those parts are back from engraving, I’ll complete basic assembly on the metal components, have those blued, and then finish final assembly. I’ll post more on this project as it progresses!

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Peter said...
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Peter said...

I have never built my own weapon before, but am a vet(19 delta scout) and firearm owner. I really really want to build a few different weapons, but have no idea where to start. This log seems like it might link me to the right people to get me started. I feel like maybe a complete list of parts and producers?...i dont know so here i ask for help