Thursday, April 16, 2009

20/20’s Rigged Experiment

Rigging experiments for dramatic effect on “news” shows is nothing new. 60 Minutes had the infamous Audi “sudden acceleration” episode – where they mechanically altered the cars for dramatic effect. NBC rigged fuel tanks to explode on GM pickup trucks. Now 20/20 has rigged its own experiment to “prove” to the nation that even if a student had a firearm, it would do no good in one of the random shootings like have been seen at Virginia Tech. A recent blog by John R. Lott, Jr. goes into detail on the “experiment’s” shortcomings:

“The experiment was set up to make the student fail. It did not resemble a real-world shooting. The same scenario is shown three times, but in each case the student with the gun is seated in the same seat –- the center seat in the front row. The attacker is not only a top-notch shooter –- a firearms expert who teaches firearms tactics and strategy to police -– but also obviously knows precisely where the student with the gun is sitting.”

And unfortunately that’s just the tip of the iceberg. A real experiment is designed to disprove the hypothesis and is designed to test a variety of scenarios. This one was clearly designed with an agenda and result in mind. The show goes on to talk about the potential for accidental shootings and claims criminals get their firearms at gun shows. The first is tragic, but exceedingly rare, and data shows that even if you include flea markets only 1.7% of criminals get firearms at gun shows.

The show’s “final thought” is equally erroneous and insulting:

“If you are wondering where are all the studies about the effectiveness of guns used by ordinary Americans for self-defense, well keep searching, we could not find one reliable study and the ones we found were contradictory.”

John Lott, Jr. offers the following data as counterpoint:

“Yet, “contradictory” is an overstatement. There have been 26 peer-reviewed studies published by criminologists and economists in academic journals and university presses. Most of these studies find large drops in crime. Some find no change, but not a single one shows an increase in crime.”

He also goes on to cite examples from Europe, where there is strict gun control, and the extensive problem they have with mass shootings. Worse, in fact, than in the United States (at least outside of so-called “gun free” zones).

It is clear that the gun control crowd is getting desperate at this point. Their so-called “assault weapon ban” was dead on suggestion (not even arrival!), even with the lies trying to tie it to Mexican drug crime. The recent Gallup Poll shows that Americans’ believe we have enough gun laws as is, and there is no support nationally for handgun bans. Since the election, Americans have been buying firearms in record numbers, and there are a lot of first time buyers in that number as well.

At this point, the anti-Second Amendment crowd seems willing to do anything to further their agenda. For years they have lost battles left and right on both factual and legal grounds and even the traditional plays to emotion are falling on deaf ears. So what is their response? Try to internationalize the issue with false statistics and tie it to the War on Drugs (which has been, if anything, an even more dismal failure than gun control) and have sympathetic media outlets swamp the airwaves with propaganda and rigged experiments.

I am a strong believer in freedom of speech and freedom of thought. However lies and slander have never been protected speech. Until the media outlets and their sponsors begin to feel some heat, both in the marketplace and legally, for their criminal mischaracterizations, lies, and slanders, they will continue to beat the drum in support of this perverted agenda. I urge everyone to let ABC know that they weren’t fooled by their rigged experiment, but rather enraged at their hubris. I also urge everyone to let their sponsors from this debacle know that if they continue to support such programming, that we will no longer be able to support their products. We have to make our voices heard, especially in their pocketbooks!

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TheDuke said...

Very good.. NWFA SUX ( :

Micah said...

Well said as always. I saw a clip of the Classroom setup and I could hardly stomach it b/c it seemed to 'setup'. Front row center, going against a trained firearms instructor. Ridiculous. It's really getting to the point where I can hardly watch the news or anything coming from the media..bah.

Fingolfen said...

The level of propaganda at this point is getting insane. It is clear that the anti-Second crowd is not only in a state of panic, but abject fear as well. We have got to keep up the pressure and show their BS for what it is.