Thursday, April 23, 2009

AMD-65 Build Log – Part 2

I’d hoped to get this project done in two parts, but the fates have conspired against me, so here is the second installment of my AMD-65 build project. I’d collected all of the parts I needed to complete the project, including the receiver from NoDak Spud. Unfortunately one of the parts of my AK jig went walkabout half way through the project and that ended the build right quickly.

One of the most important parts of an AMD-65 build is getting the barrel right. As mentioned before, the AMD-65 in its normal form would count as a short barreled rifle. This means you either need to find a way to lengthen the barrel or apply for a tax stamp. At this point I wasn’t willing to go the tax stamp route, so I had a Tapco extended muzzle break affixed to the barrel per BATFE regulations by Tornado Technologies at the same time they were working on my Tabuk barrels. As you can see from the picture below, the finish on the Tapco muzzle break comes nowhere near the finish on the rest of the rifle. Fortunately I am planning on getting this finished with a black duracote later.

Pictured below is the virgin NoDak Spud receiver. My only disappointment with this particular receiver is that the holes for the front trunnion are not pre-drilled as they are for the rear trunnion. NoDak Spud receivers are excellent, but they are also a bear to drill as they are exceptionally hard. If anyone has any good tips or tricks they’d like to share on drilling NoDak receivers, I’d appreciate hearing them!

After drilling the holes for the front trunnion, I considered attaching the sling swivel but decided against it (pictured below). In retrospect, it would have been easier to install the sling swivel at this point because the opening for the rear trunnion makes it much easier to fold down the halves of the metal.

On most builds I start with the trigger guard / magazine catch, pictured below. On an undrilled receiver, this makes it easier to set the spacing for the front trunnion easier (so it easily accepts magazines).

I then installed the rear trunnion and stock. Per suggestions I’d received, I shortened the AK-builder rivets slightly before pressing them. The rivet heads came out nicely hemispherical, but seem a little small compared to the opposite side. On my next build I may not shorten them as much. At this point I also inserted the front trunnion and held it in place with a rivet to test fit a magazine. The magazine inserted and released without issue.

Until this point, the build was going well, but as I mentioned earlier, I misplaced a critical part of my jig (and then have spent several hours looking for it, even with the help of a magnetic broom). I’ve got a new part on order, and once it comes in I expect that this build will finish up quickly. Watch this space for Part 3!

Until next time!!!


Albert A Rasch said...

Of course, once said part arrives in the mail, you will find the original in the pocket of a pair of pants, that you don't remember ever wearing, at the bottom of the laundry basket.

At least that's where I find many things...

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Fingolfen said...

I actually managed to find the part in my garage... my garage, unfortunately, is now upside down! I'm still going to order a spare! :D