Saturday, April 25, 2009

AMD-65 Build Log – Part 3

Found the piece to my jig! Woohoo! I'm still going to order a spare!

Anyway, without further ado, the rest of the build log. The first step was getting the front trunnion riveted into the receiver. I’m using the current generation AK-builder jig, and this thing works like a dream. The rivets came out looking great with very little fuss. I had to do a little buffing to get the magazine to seat properly, but the end result looks great (pictured below). I also had to file back the magazine rails on the receiver to accept the Hungarian 20 round magazines as these are a little wider at the top than the magazines I’d used for test fitting.

Once the front trunnion was seated, next comes reseating the barrel. Again, I’m using the AK-builder jigs. This time, at least, I had no trouble getting the barrel back into the front trunnion. The fit was excellent and the assembly didn’t shift during pressing. Occasionally with Romanian kits I’ve had trouble with the barrel end wiggling in the trunnion. The hardest part is making sure you stop before you press the barrel pin slot past the hole in the front trunnion (pictured below).

Once the barrel is in, simply press back in the barrel pin and you’re nearly ready for final assembly. I went ahead and attached most of the external parts at this point. I’d refinished the wood grips with a few coats of tung oil (may buff and give them another coat). These went in easily. It took a little work to get the lower handguard in, but it ended up aligning well. I then simply dropped in the gas tube and the external assembly was largely complete (pictured below).

To ensure adequate U.S. content for the build, I replaced the gas piston with a U.S. made Tapco one. This involves drilling out the rivet holding the existing piston into the bolt carrier, pressing out the bolt, then fitting the new gas piston. I drilled the new gas piston once it was in place and riveted it for stability. I then buffed the excess to smooth the entire assembly as shown below.

At this point, it’s just a matter of installing the trigger group and the build is finished. I used an Arsenal single hook design I picked up with the receiver from NoDak Spud. I also used an AK retaining plate rather than the hook. After adding the rest of the internal parts, the AMD-65 seems to function quite well. I picked up a 3-pack of Hungarian magazines along with the AMD pouch pictured below with the finished product.

The next step will be to get a good gunkote black finish on the barreled receiver. The rest of the external parts are mint, but the receiver and the flash hider need significant help! Overall this was an extremely satisfying build – the final product looks great and seems to function flawlessly. I’m looking forward to getting this one out and test firing it. It should be a great compact carry gun as well. Wonder if I can find a good Hungarian sling for it?

I have a couple of more builds I’ll be working on in addition to my Tabuks – including one more Romanian build (with AK furniture) and a Tantal build – my first AK that won’t be in 7.62x39.

Until next time!!!

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