Monday, April 20, 2009

April Rose City Gun Show Report

It was another great day at the gun show this weekend. Parking was a bit of a problem because of another event (“Portland’s Biggest Garage Sale”). This time around was special because my wife and 1-year old son joined me. All things being equal, of the two I think my son had more fun.

Ammunition is still scarce as hen’s teeth – and what ammunition there is costs 2X to 3X what it did a couple of years ago. I remember being able to buy a half case of wolf 7.62x39 for $110 – and I remember people telling me at the time that was “high.”

The post election price spike for any misnamed semi-automatic rifle (AKA “assault rifle”) seems to be normalizing. Several AR uppers and lowers were available at reasonable prices from numerous vendors. The selection of semi-auto AK’s was also decent.

On the C&R front – the show wasn’t too bad. There was a decent selection of Mosin Nagant rifles – including a few Finns. Lots of Nagant revolvers as well. There were also some very nice Garands, a trench shotgun with bayonet, and a few others. I ended up picking up a couple of Nagant revolvers to round out my collection.

I managed to pick up a couple of AK receivers I had on order from Ortwein’s table – one for a Romanian build, one for my AMD-65 build, and the second one for my Tabuk project. Overall it was a great show, though my arms were tired from carrying the little guy afterward.

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Micah said...

I wasn't able to get out there until Sunday afternoon. I was surprised how empty the building seemed. There was still a bit of ammo to be had, but most of it was way overpriced. I was shocked that even 54r was so expensive when it is still readily available online for half the price it was selling at the show. I did see some reasonably prices Mosins which is what my friend was shopping for. All the 8mm mausers I saw seemed a little too beat up for the price...too bad b/c I want one! ;)

Fingolfen said...

Yeah - Mausers are getting harder to find. Good Mosins are still out there though! :D