Thursday, April 9, 2009

May 2009 Guns and Ammo Review

My May issue of Guns & Ammo arrived the other day – finally made it through. One of the early articles is a “buyer beware” on G&A subscriptions. Apparently there’s a scam running out of Palm Coast, FL. I think I actually got one of these because the sticker price for renewal was insane. I think I tossed it though as I knew my subscription is good through April 2010. Keep an eye out.

There’s a good article on ammo called “Ammo Heaven” where an individual born and raised in Zimbabwe comments “one of the most amazing things about living [in America] is that it’s possible to go into a gunshop and buy ammunition.” Well, at least that was true until the election last year. Now most shops are fairly lean on ammunition, at least in the popular calibers, but I take the individual’s meaning. Firearm restrictions in many other countries are draconian at best. The article focuses on several vintage cartridges, and is a good read.

The “Identification and Values” feature has a few neat items people have written in regarding. One person wrote in about a Mauser Model 1914. It’s an inexpensive yet collectible little C&R pistol – they put value at $150 to $200 with the caveat that military proofs would increase the value 100% to 150%. Sounds about right. I’ve thought about picking one of these up, but I’ve never found the right one at the right price. Someone else wrote in about a .30 civilian Luger. I had one of these a few years ago – ended up selling it to fund other projects in the range that they valued it at ($750 to $900). I love lugers, but I’m going to stick with the 9mm versions going forward.

As a C&R guy I appreciated the article on the 8x57 mauser cartridge. Once purely a military cartridge, the venerable 8mm has found new life as a sporting cartridge. In fact, they provide several loads (for 150 grain to 220 grain bullets) for a variety of sporting rifles. All of my 8x57’s are military – two Russian Capture K98’s and one Turkish Mauser. I’ve never sighted them in enough to use as hunting rifles, though the Turk would probably do okay as it’s one of the only Turk rifles I’ve seen with a pristine barrel (no kidding!).

Feature article this month is CZ’s new P-07 in 9mm. It’s a polymer framed semi-automatic that’s small enough to use for concealed carry. There’s also a small tactical rail forward of the trigger guard. Magazine capacity is 16+1 (which beats my XD9 sub-compact to hell and back, though my XD is smaller). G&A was able to achieve around 3” groups (on average) at 25 yards with a variety of ammunition. Looks like a winner!

They also test a variety of .32 caliber handguns for concealed carry: The Kel-Tec P32, the CZ83, the Taurus 731 Ultra-lite, and the Ruger SP101. The most accurate was the CZ83 which was able to achieve groupings of under 1” at 10 yards. The Taurus had groups in the 2” to 3” range, while the other two ranged from 2.5” to 5” groupings.

Probably the highlight of the issue for me was a feature on the French Lefaucheux pinfire six shot revolver. This is one of those firearms I had heard about vaguely – but I’d never seen one, nor had I ever seen one tested. The example used for the article clearly has a “been there, done that” look as I’d rate the blue at <20%. But the venerable revolver was still able to print a solid grouping at 25 yards with excellent reliability. There’s even a mini-guide to loading pinfire ammunition.

Overall another decent issue with an appropriate mix of hunting, carry, modern, and vintage firearm and ammunition stories!

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Micah said... lost me a 'Russian Capture K98s' :) how do you like them? I've been eyeing a few different 8mm mausers as well as the K98s. Just love the look and the ammo is relatively cheap. Where did you pick yours up?

Fingolfen said...

Got mine both online - one direct from the importer, one through a purchase on a firearm board. I like them fine, though I'd really like a vet bringback...

Duane said...

Nice Review there.