Sunday, April 12, 2009

Obama Not Bringing Back the Assault Weapon Ban?

In what may be a shocking reversal of policy, White House press secretary Robert Gibbs has announced that President Obama is looking at other strategies and is not pushing an assault weapon ban. I guess I would amend that to say “at this time”. Helen Thomas asked if the President would reinstitute the ban because of the “epidemic” of gun violence in this country. Gibbs answered:

“Obviously, we, while we were overseas last week, were surprised and shocked at the news at what had happened in New York. … That’s one of the reasons that increased money to hire more police officers as in the Recovery Act. I was asked specifically about assault weapons. I think the president would — the president believes there are other strategies we can take to enforce the laws that are already on our books.”

The article cited above also indicates that Attorney General Eric Holder may be backing off on the proposed assault weapon ban as well based on an interview with Katie Couric at CBS News. Of course, given Katie’s political stance, every question dripped with disdain for firearm owners and the NRA, even to the point of misquoting the “90%” statistic. Fortunately in the comments many people are lambasting Katie’s lack of research. However, Holder's comments clearly show a reversal in policy.

This is potentially very good news as it shows that Obama and Holder have been feeling the heat for their distraction campaign around the so-called “assault weapon ban.” Unfortunately the media still continues to parrot the “90%” statistic like it’s gospel. We need to keep fighting that “big lie” and it looks like the commenter posters at CBS news are doing a good job at that. We need to go further, though, we need to be calling up CBS news and demanding that Katie publicly states in prime time that her numbers are wrong!

Keep up the good work everyone. This fight is just beginning, but we’re already seeing some signs of success, but don’t let these preliminary positive indicators lull you into a false sense of security. We have a long way to go!

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