Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Oregon CHL Privacy Bill May Be Pulled!

Seems like “the powers that be” in Salem don’t want to see any pro-Second bills get passed this time around, and it looks like the Judiciary committee is playing the role of the obstructionist. Oregon Firearms Federation has released an update indicating that the bipartisan CHL Privacy bill HB 2727 has been pulled from the schedule. The change was made at the last minute and without the bill being heard in committee, it will not advance to a full vote (where the original bill would have passed).

Representative Kim Thatcher is working diligently to draft amendments to the bill that would re-instate the actual purpose of the bill, which had been subverted by a few zealots who don’t value the privacy of their constituents. Deadlines for hearings are fast approaching if anything is going to be accomplished this legislative session, and these sorts of delay and amend tactics represent the worst sort of politics. OFF is urging all Oregonians to contact the House Judiciary Committee and ask them to push this bill forward in its un-amended form without delay. They provide a sample letter on their site. I modified that form letter slightly when I mailed the committee this morning:

"Dear Representative,

"I am very concerned about the delays imposed on HB 2727 given how late we are in the legislative session. As HB 2727 has broad bipartisan support as well as the support of law enforcement, why are needless delays and amendments being imposed upon this important piece of legislation?

"I therefore urge you to pass HB 2727 with the strongest possible safeguards for CHL holders intact. Any amendments that would allow the personal information of license holders to be revealed at the discretion of government agencies subvert the purpose of the bill.

"Please do all you can to move HB 2727 to the floor without amendments that would render it useless."

It is up to us to make the few in Salem hear the voices of the many and stop pandering to special interests with an agenda – and that agenda is the persecution and harassment of law abiding firearm owners and CHL holders.

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Micah said...

Nice, thanks for writing about this and bringing it to my/our attention!

Fingolfen said...

No problem! Hopefully the "leadership" will stop being obstructionist and actually let a bill with bipartisan support through... is that too much to ask for???