Thursday, April 30, 2009

Representative Wu Responds

Last month I’d written a couple of blog entries regarding my correspondence with my Congressional representative, David Wu. This increased focus was precipitated by Wu’s clearly unusual interpretation of the Heller decision. His interpretation was clearly very anti-Second Amendment, but in the overwhelming majority of his correspondence he claims to support the right to keep and bear arms as a fellow “sportsman and hunter.” I therefore decided to test his level of support for the Second Amendment and grounding in the Heller decision by asking him to join 65 other Democrats in strong opposition to any re-instatement of the so-called “assault weapon ban” (which has nothing to do with any firearm that could be truly called an “assault weapon” using a technical definition of the term). I have finally received a response to that call – the short answer is “no”.

Here is the pertinent text of Wu’s response:

“Thank you for contacting me concerning your opposition to reports that U.S. Attorney General Eric Holder is advocating for a reinstatement of the ban on assault weapons. I appreciate hearing from you about this important issue.

“I am aware of Attorney General Holder's statements, which echo President Barack Obama's comments made during his campaign for the presidency. Any change to federal weapons regulations would require legislation passed by Congress, and currently there is no pending legislation regarding this matter. Should such legislation be introduced, I will keep your comments in mind.”

I’m certain that this is the blanket response to anyone that has sent a letter Representative Wu opposing any new “assault weapon” ban. He, or his aides, clearly paid no attention to the call to join his Democratic colleagues, nor was any attention paid to the grounding in the Heller decision.

The cynic/realist in me believes that Wu would vote for a new “assault weapon” ban in a heartbeat. It is interesting that he states that there is no pending legislation. This implies either that the previous bans proposed are officially dead or he hasn’t been paying attention to the bills submitted in Congress.

In short, I’m disappointed but not surprised by the response from Representative Wu. I’ll continue to write him on the issue and hope that there is a real alternative to vote for in 2010 as his views certainly don’t tally with mine on most issues.

Until next time!!!


Micah said...

Disappointing, expected but I just want to thank YOU for all the writing and work you've been doing. I know I need to be a little more proactive. Keep it up man.

Fingolfen said...

Thanks - I'm doing my best to make sure these jokers know we're watching...

Camille said...

Keep it up Mike. I didn't expect anything else but, maybe, just maybe, some of our representatives will get smart and realize that they lose votes when they mess with the guns. I think Rep. Wu has a good heart, just a little mis-guided. All we can do is be persistent and hope we can get them to see common sense.