Thursday, April 9, 2009

Taking People Shooting Works!

A reader pointed me to an article on the local Portland, OR KATU news website entitled “Afraid of guns? So was I... until I took a trip to the shooting range”. I didn’t realize that this article was out there when I encouraged everyone to take people shooting as it changes more minds than anything else, and this article truly underscores this point. It starts with an individual who truly had an aversion to firearms, and ends with an individual who no longer had that fear.

First, kudos to the team out at Tri-County Gun Club for hosting KATU. You were truly first-rate ambassadors for the firearm community. I honestly wish I lived closer to Tri-County as it is an absolutely amazing facility. Second, kudos to author Shannon Cheesman for actually accepting the challenge with an open mind.

While the author indicates she probably won’t ever fire a gun again, at least the fear of the unknown is gone. People tend to fear that which they don’t understand, especially if it appears (or actually is) dangerous. Firearms are very dangerous tools if used or handled improperly. So it is human nature for people to fear them if they don’t have any experience with them. It is up to us to ensure that as many people as possible have positive experiences with firearms, and this particular example is a fine blueprint!

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Micah said...

Yup such a well done article. I think the important thing to note when introducing someone to guns is to do it properly and safely. While this lady was left with a positive outcome, imagine if an apprehensive first timer was taken out to the woods with a bunch of people drinking and carrying on while would only reaffirm their avoidance of firearms. IMO

Fingolfen said...

I agree with you 100%. We have to continually advocate RESPONSIBLE firearm ownership...