Monday, April 27, 2009

Yamhill Valley News Register Getting in on the Big Lie

The op/ed pages of most print newspapers today are the main area where the editorial staff can “let its hair down” and let their bias show through in an undiluted and unabashed way. Most major city newspapers have called for renewal of the so-called “assault weapon ban,” and after the Heller ruling, many even called for the outright repeal of the Second Amendment. Even better they can print “letters to the editor” to support their position – and those letters don’t have to go through the even nominal “fact” checking staff editorials do. A recent letter to the editor from the Yamhill Valley News Register demonstrates not only the level of ignorance we’re still fighting as Second Amendment supporters, but the lengths the print media will go to in order to support their disarmament agenda.

The editorial in question, written by one Robert S. Bevers, starts out well enough:

“We must vigorously enforce our gun laws...”

I don’t think anyone is going to disagree with that. No one wants to see gangs or criminals have easy access to firearms. The use of a firearm in the commission of a crime should be vigorously prosecuted and result in severe criminal penalties – up to and including the death penalty depending on the nature of the crime. Unfortunately Mr. Bevers didn’t stop there, he continued writing, and the entire editorial went rapidly south:

“...and strengthen them where they are weak. We must stop the selling of guns to the mentally ill and domestic abusers. We must stop the unregulated sale of guns at gun shows.”

Sales to the mentally ill and people convicted of stalking or domestic abuse are already illegal, and checked for with every commercial sale via the background check. Mr. Bevers has clearly not been to a gun show in Oregon, as Oregon law requires a background check at gun shows. I know because I’ve been on both sides of the table at gun shows in Oregon. So his comment regarding “the unregulated sale of guns at gun shows” doesn’t apply to Oregon. Unfortunately, the editorial gets worse from there:

“I have been to gun shows where I witnessed bags full of 1911 model .45 automatic handguns being sold with no background check or identification required. These guns were being sold to known gang members wearing gang colors. One table away, AR15 rifles and M1 carbine rifles were being sold. At the next table, the parts to convert them to fully automatic weapons were being sold. These activities are legal. The 1934 national firearms act did not apply because they were being sold from different tables.”

I’d like to know where he saw these things and why he didn’t report them to the authorities. Selling weapons without a background check at a gun show in Oregon is illegal. Conversion of an M1 carbine or an AR15 to a fully automatic M2 carbine or M16 is a non-trivial process and can’t be done with a few “drop in” parts – especially on the AR15. The BATFE has analyzed and approved receivers for semi-automatic rifles with fully automatic analogs with ease of conversion in mind. So where’s all this going?

“Mexican President Calderon has pleaded with the U.S. government to help stop the sending of guns and money across our common frontier to the Mexican criminal gangs, and to increase our border security. Let us heed Calderon’s clarion call. Our national security and domestic tranquility are at great risk.”

Ahhhh! Mr. Bevers has bought into the “big lie” that the fully automatic weapons in Mexico come from U.S. sources, and clearly wants to do his bit to “support the cause.” Because the “goal” is pure, “the ends justify the means” in this case and “truth” or “facts” don’t enter into the equation. I believe Mr. Bevis is at the very least mistaken about his experience at gun shows and at worst deliberately lying about them in order to support larger legislative action. Whether this is a case of ignorance or deception, it is clear that these comments support the agenda of the Yamhill Valley News Register – otherwise this sort of erroneous and blatantly false tripe would never see print. I honestly believe this sort of blatantly slanted yellow journalism is the reason the print media is going the way of the dinosaur. Regardless, we have a long way to go to educate the public, and we can’t let up for a minute! Letters like this beg for follow-up comments, and I urge everyone to write the Register to inform them of the facts.

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Troy said...

Maybe the gun show that Mr. Bevers of McMinnville attended was in Mexico. That would handily explain the illegal inconsistencies he describes!! ;-)

Fingolfen said...

Must have been... :D

Micah said...

Where can I get bags of 1911's?? My goodness this guy has no idea of what he speaks of. I am continually surprised out misinformed so many people are, but I really shouldn't be since they get most of their 'news' from mainstream sources.

Fingolfen said...

Yeah, I'll take a "bag" of 1911s as well. My favorite sidearm, even with the low magazine capacity by modern standards... :D