Tuesday, May 26, 2009

National Park Law Takes Effect in February 2010

President Obama has signed the credit card legislation bill with the Coburn Amendment to allow loaded firearms in national parks and wildlife refuges. Unfortunately there has been additional legal trickery from the Interior Department. As the credit card law doesn’t take effect until late February 2010, the Interior Department has indicated that the Coburn Amendment won’t take effect until then either. In the meantime Senator Coburn intends to introduce the Amendment in other bills that will take effect before the current 2010 date as the intent was for the measure to take effect immediately.

The article from the Denver Post (linked above) is clearly written by a typical anti-Second Amendment journalist, starting out with the statement “Not so fast, gun owners” and ending with this “gem” from Bryan Faehner, associate director of the National Parks Conservation Association:

"We are pleased because that provides more time that our parks will remain safe and free from shotguns, rifles and semiautomatic weapons."

It is clear that the self-righteous and self-serving individuals hostile to our Second Amendment rights continue to have no respect for the Constitution and rule of law. It is also clear that they expect the public to continue to buy their “big lie” that the prohibition of firearms will keep people “safe” when reams of data proves otherwise.

At this point, everyone should take this opportunity to thank Senator Coburn and the other legislators who pushed this amendment through. We should also encourage them to find a way to push this measure through so it takes effect immediately. Though I think the effort would fall on deaf ears, we should also contact the Obama administration and request he clamp down on the Interior Department.

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