Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Ammunition Shortage or “Gun Owners are Neandrathals”

The Oregonian has published an article about the ammunition shortages people are seeing in the marketplace. For most of us the article is coming a few months late and isn’t really “news.” Any gun owner is aware of the acute shortages in ammunition at this point. The real meat here is in the comments. It seems as if any gun story in The Oregonian draws out the leftist moonbats from all directions.

Many of the comments simply accused gun owners of being racist Neanderthals. Others quoted chapter and verse out of the Brady Campaign’s library of deceptive statistics, so I posted the following comment:

“I am amazed that in a supposedly educated city there is so much misinformation and propaganda out there. Many of the comments I’ve seen in relation to this article underscore why so many individuals who value their Second Amendment rights are in panic mode at this point. They are being labeled “racists,” “bigots,” “rednecks,” and worse in a blatant attempt to dehumanize them. The far left likes to talk about tolerance and multi-culturalism, but when it comes to gun owners obviously they make an exception.

“Some background: I’m a social libertarian. I have a large gun collection – most of which are World War II vintage collectables, but I also build my own semi-auto AK’s following U.S. law and guidelines as set forth by the BATFE. Guns don’t spontaneously kill anyone. A gun is a tool – nothing more. For it to become capable of killing anything there must be human intervention.

“Obama has so far shown himself to be unfriendly to the Second Amendment, and people are nervous. His Vice President was instrumental in passing the 1994 so-called “assault weapon ban” (which, by the way, has absolutely nothing to do with real assault weapons – it only covered semi-automatics – not fully automatics which were already heavily regulated!). He pushed for a new “assault weapon ban” using false statistics regarding Mexican firearm crime. He has nominated an individual to the Supreme Court with an exceptionally poor record on Second Amendment cases. Bottom line is the apprehension is based on his record and subsequent actions. It has nothing to do with the color of his skin – no matter what Janeane Garofalo or any other comedian trying to pass themselves off as a political activist or journalist tells you.”

There are, however a lot of other interesting misconceptions out there:

One individual pointed out that there are significant barriers to manufacturing and selling ammunition. One user doubted that. The original poster was, however, correct. Ammunition consists of primer, powder, case, and bullet. While the case materials and bullet materials (including lead) are still reasonably available – at least for the time being. The powder and primers are both explosives and their manufacture is STRICTLY regulated. Shipping primers also requires hazmat permits.

Other posters are crying “Republican conspiracy” and the litany of partisan B.S. The article itself points out that the Second Amendment has become a less partisan issue as of late, and there is anecdotal evidence to back that up. However reading the comments on this blog, there is clearly a long way to go. I urge everyone to go sign up and post comments correcting the misconceptions of many of The Oregonians readers. It’s clear that the press isn’t going to pass along the facts, so it’s up to us!

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Nick Jesch said...

Thought about posting a response to some of the diatribe on the Gory Onion article.... but they require I register, something I'm not too comfortable with in this case. The "dialogue" is definitely a cultural eye opener, yes? But then, the Onion publishes in uber-liberal socialist Portland. I've a sister who fits right into that crowd, in fact, she helps DEFINE that crowd. Her son is a real trial to her.... a gun ownin live onn the land keep the govamint outta my life dude. Oh, the discussions that come up between those two, and myself and her. Could write a book on some of them.......

Fingolfen said...

Very eye opening - at least in some ways. In other ways it just confirmed what I already knew. A lot of people, especially in urban areas, simply have no concept or reality. They live in an artificial environment with a pollyanna vision of how things work. Throw in a dash of hubris and you see the result...