Saturday, June 20, 2009

Father’s Day Rose City Gun Show Report

This month the Portland Gun Show falls on Father’s Day weekend. Quite honestly this is the best show I’ve been to in quite some time. The selection of rifles of interest was excellent and pricing is once again returning to pre-election normal. All of the AR and AK vendors had stock, and Keith’s actually had several AR and AK variants on sale.

Ammunition was also reasonably plentiful in popular calibers. 7.62x39 was back down to $160 for 500 rounds. While that still doesn’t match the heyday, it’s better than the $210 and $220 a half case prices I was seeing just a couple of months ago.

This time around there was also a large display truck with Springfield, Leupold, and a few other representatives present. It was a nice set up and did a great job of showing the product across the board. There were also a couple of raffles I entered, but as always won’t win!

I came home with some new 5.45x39 magazines for AK-74 variants (see my Tantal discussion below), some 5.45x39 ammo, and a couple of 7.62x39 40-round magazines. I almost came home with a slightly sporterized M1941 Johnson rifle (see my “Top 10 Guns I’d Like to Own but Don’t” list below). Unfortunately I just didn’t have the cash available.

Saw a lot of people I knew at the show on both sides of the table, and had a generally amazing time overall.

Until next time!!!

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