Saturday, June 13, 2009

Tabuk Build Log – Disaster!

Will post pix of the “good stuff” later, but I encountered a major disaster on the Tabuk build. I accidentally bent the barrel. Was being careful about the placement of the barrel – ran into what I thought was a headspace issue (wouldn’t close on the “go gauge), so I pushed in the barrel a bit more. Unfortunately I’d mis-diagnosed the problem and ended up pushing the barrel all the way in, and then a little more. The entire thing popped right out of the press after the barrel had bent to release the pressure.

So now I have a multi-week delay in the project while I wait for a new barrel (hopefully I can find one). Once that arrives I still have to take it back over to Tornado technologies to have the length corrected and the barrel rethreaded. In the meantime I get to disassemble the barrel assembly and pray I don’t screw up any MORE parts.

Here’s where I’d normally say “until next time,” but in this case I’ll just say – “UGH!”


Troy said...

Dang man... Sorry to hear that! I hope your next attempt goes much more smoothly!

Fingolfen said...

It should - I know what I did wrong this time!