Monday, June 8, 2009

Thought Control Continues on University Campuses

The fact that the majority of Universities in the United States are hostile to our Second Amendment rights is becoming ever clearer as time goes by. The Las Vegas Review Journal is reporting in one of the most recent incidents a student wanting to for a gun-rights group at Pittsburgh’s Community College of Allegheny County has been threatened with disciplinary action. According to the article:

“Student Christine Brashier says administrators banned her informational pamphlets, ordered her to destroy all copies of them and told her that further "academic misconduct" would not be tolerated.”

Ms. Brashier was subjected to an interrogation session with the deans asking about her possession of a firearm (on and off campus). They also claimed the pamphlet was “solicitation” and therefore a violation of campus policy. What ever happened to Universities being a source of the free flow of ideas? Apparently it only holds if you hold the RIGHT ideas.

This is yet another case of political correctness and a totalitarian agenda run amok. Students at America’s Universities need to be learning about their rights as individuals as affirmed by our Constitution. Instead their rights under the First Amendment and Second Amendment are brutally curtailed by administrators forcing an extremist interpretation of political correctness on their students.

Quite frankly I’d like to see any and all public funding for universities denying their students their basic rights under the Constitution cut off. It is only then that they might wake up and start listening.

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