Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Top 10 Guns I’d Love to Own, but Don’t

I’m sure that every true collector out there (be it stamps, coins, plates, or firearms) has a “bucket list” of pieces they’d like to have in their collection but don’t, for one reason or another. I’m no exception. Most of the firearms I consider to be “missing” from my collection aren’t there for one of two main reasons. The first is I just haven’t found a nice example. The second (and all too common) reason is cost. Historical firearms aren’t generally getting any cheaper, and finding nice examples at a price that won’t put your bank account in a world of hurt is getting very difficult.

So here’s my “Top 10” list (in no particular order) – I’ve left out a lot of the “holy grails” out (you won’t find an S. Mfg. Co. M1911A1 on the list, though I wouldn’t turn one down if someone sent me one!), but I’ve kept a few higher end ones in just for fun. The list has a fair volume of C&R on it, but there are a few modern ones in there as well!

1. A Good Vet Bringback K98k – I’ve got a couple of Soviet Capture rifles, but I’d still love to get something original one of these days. I saw a nice one for $500 at a gun show a couple of years ago – passed on it – have kicked myself ever since!

2. Japanese Type 97 Sniper rifle – I have a huge collection of Arisakas, but no snipers in the mix anywhere.

3. Luger – original – excellent condition. The luger is my second favorite sidearm out there. As with the K98k, I’ve got a Soviet capture re-blue, and it’s a great little shooter, but I’d still love something closer to original.

4. M1911A1 – World War II U.S. GI. The M1911A1 is my favorite sidearm – period. Ergonomically ideal for me, fires .45 ACP, and has a ton of history to boot. I’ve got a modern Springfield G.I. model that I absolutely love, but I really want to get “the real thing” so to speak.

5. 50 Cal Target Rifle – Probably a Barrett or Armalite. Nothing says fun like long range target shooting. Nothing says even more fun than extreme range target shooting. When you absolutely, positively have to keep the world safe from paper targets more than 2000 yards away!

6. Japanese Type 99 Light Machine Gun – Not only is it Class III, but it’s Class III you have to reload for! I know a gun dealer down in Salem with one. As I mentioned before, I have a huge Arisaka collection, and this would really round it out nicely.

7. M1 Garand – World War II correct grade. The M1 Garand is probably my all-time favorite rifle. I currently own two – one modern production Springfield and one Korean War vintage Springfield from CMP. I would really like the World War II version for the collection (anyone sense a recurring theme?).

8. M1941 Johnson Rifle – Unsuccessful competitor to the M1 Garand. Used by U.S. Marines early in the Pacific war. Spendy, but cool!

9. 1874 Sharps Buffalo Rifle – If you’ve seen Quigley Down Under, you’ve seen this rifle. Absolutely gorgeous! I’d be more than happy with a modern reproduction in .45-70 (though .45-110 would be more entertaining).

10. Revolutionary War Rifle / Musket – Still undecided on which at this point. A replica would be fine as well. Seems like any real American historical firearms enthusiast should have one in his collection, and would be interesting to shoot as well!

So that’s my list. Feel free to comment or submit your lists in the comments section.

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Troy said...

Nice list, definitely see a recurring theme there. My own top-10 would be geared from a parts and ammo availability, with a couple "just because it's awesome" thrown in.

1) Plain ol' AR-15, 5.56 Nato, 16" barrel and collapsing stock.
2) AK-47, 7.62x39, non-Class III
3) Springfield M1A, 7.62 Nato.
4) Ruger 10/22, of course.
5) Remington 870, no plug, 18" barrel on it, 24" barrel in the box.
6) Glock 17, simple, reliable.
7) Any decent 1911.
8) Remington 700 in 7.62 Nato
9) S&W Model 60, .357/.38, 2 1/8" or 3" barrel.
10) Barrett 82A1. "Reach out and touch someone."

Fingolfen said...

I can help you with #2 if you want to build one!!! :D