Monday, July 20, 2009

August 2009 American Rifleman Review

The August Edition of American Rifleman just arrived in my mailbox. Not quite as much milsurp action this time around, but there are a lot of really decent articles in there. There’s a really good call to action on page 16 talking about the importance of standing up for our Second Amendment rights, and that the pace of firearms related legislation is accelerating. Several key court cases are also highlighted in the article.

For you reloaders, there’s an article on .300 Winchester Magnum. I don’t currently own a rifle that shoots this cartridge, but I have shot it in the past. It’s a real beast, but for long range accuracy, it’s an amazing round.

There’s an article on taking down gangsters like John Dillinger, and the firearms used by both sides. Wish I could afford a real live Thompson. One of these days I may have to pick up one of the semi-auto clones as I don’t think I’m going to have the cash to get a transferrable one any time soon.

One fairly practical article is a general piece on the impact of temperature on ammunition. The only thing annoying about the article is that they change the orientation to include a cutsie thermometer graphic on the side.

Probably the most timely article is one about the three Navy SEALs who took down the pirates who had captured Captain Richard Phillips. I’m glad we finally had the courage to take on these high-seas thugs and send a strong message. The SEALs were true heroes in this case meeting a serious threat with direct and surgical application of force.

Lots more in this issue, but it is really more focused to the hunting side of the aisle. I’m into hunting, but I generally hunt with military surplus rifles or an AR (-10 or -15). One of these days I’m going to have to learn more about the vintage game rifles, as the history has to be fascinating.

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