Monday, July 20, 2009

Guns & Ammo: Book of the AR-15

File under, “how’d I miss this one???” Guns & Ammo magazine has recently released their “Book of the AR-15.” Much like their earlier AK special issue, this volume serves as a one stop shop for a lot of great information on the AR-15 platform. Unlike the previous issue on the AK, however, this one doesn’t focus as much on the history of the platform as much as it focuses on the present. There are several practical articles for individuals purchasing their first AR-15, as well as many detailing training, ammunition, optics, and hand loading. There are several articles focused on specific AR models from Daniel Defense, Stag, and others. Some of the specific focus articles read a little more like glorified ads and less like reviews, but I suppose you have to pay the bills somehow. Overall it’s got some fairly decent information in there and is a keeper. According to the UPC code the issue will be displayed until August 25, 2009. Get yours soon!

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