Monday, July 27, 2009

July Rose City Gun Show Report

Wow what a show! One of the local Military Vehicle clubs was at attendance, so the in addition to the normal firearm vendors, there was a healthy collection of military vehicles as well – including a Stuart light tank right as you walked in the door. Toward the back were other vehicles as well, including Jeeps from three wars and one of my favorites, the mechanical mule.

The big news – ammunition prices are once again entering the realm of reason. A half case of Wolf 7.62x39 FMJ was down to $120-ish which is rapidly approaching pre-panic levels. All of the overpriced so-called “assault rifle” vendors were conspicuously absent, and prices from the stalwarts were also beginning to approach some sense of normalcy.

Lots of great C&R rifles to look at while I was there. Didn’t pick up any this time because most would have been duplicates of others in my collection. I did see a couple of very nice vet pick-up K98k’s, but didn’t have the cash for them. The military surplus guys had some M60 racks for as little as $60, should have picked one up as I actually had the truck with me.

Overall it was a great show – I’m actually hoping to have a table at the October show in conjunction with a friend and move some of my leftovers from various projects and rotate the collection.

Until next time!!!

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