Wednesday, July 8, 2009

New Firearms Poll Released

Newsmax is reporting the results of a recent Rasmussen survey on firearms. Interestingly enough, America doesn’t believe the Obama administration’s pledge not to enact additional gun control measures. The Rasmussen survey mirrors the trends we’ve seen for the last couple of years on firearms – with support for gun control waning and more people realizing that the Second Amendment enumerates and affirms an individual right. Some of the results are quite interesting:

“Fifty-seven percent of Americans say gun sales are up in the United States not because of the fear of crime but because of wariness over increased government restriction on gun ownership, according to a new Rasmussen survey.

“The latest poll revealed that 43 percent of Americans said it was very likely that the Obama Administration will try to implement stricter gun control laws – even though 47 percent saw no need for such laws. Another 28 percent responded that the administration was “somewhat likely” to seek tougher gun control.

“In a similar Rasmussen poll conducted in May, 43 percent of Americans said the United States needed more gun control laws, while 47 percent disagreed.”

It’s heartening to see that America is waking up to the real danger presented by the Obama administration’s stealth attack on our firearm rights. Another finding was also quite encouraging:
“Only 20 percent of U.S. voters think restricting U.S. gun sales will reduce drug-related violence in Mexico, and 70 percent disagree and oppose such restrictions.”

Virtually every media outlet and newspaper in the country was touting the “big lie” numbers associated with the drug wars in Mexico and calling for increased gun control. Very few outlets had the courage to expose those numbers for the sham that they were. These numbers show that the American public wasn’t fooled – even with the focused propaganda campaign. Hopefully we will begin to question other claims of the administration in an equally vigorous manner.

Another encouraging finding was that 75% of Americans recognize that the Second Amendment “guarantees the right of an average citizen to own a gun.” The “collective right” interpretation of the Second Amendment may finally be well and truly dead. The interpretation was a result of extremist mental gymnastics and had absolutely no basis in the manifest tenor of the Constitution. Long term the fact that people are recognizing they have a right, and it is under attack, will help keep draconian gun control measures at bay.

There are other interesting tidbits in the survey, such as tying increases in crime to the economic downturn. In summary, the majority of Americans are making very accurate interpretations of firearm related laws and crime trends. I haven’t seen this many positive indicators in a poll in quite some time. Hopefully the trend will continue!

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