Monday, August 17, 2009

Bloomberg’s “Gun-Free” Utopia

The New York Daily News published a recent article about a Harlem business owner who was forced to use a firearm in defense of his store and employees. MSNBC has also covered the story, and it is interesting to compare the two accounts and read not only the bias that comes through in the story, but the mentality of many people in Bloomberg’s “gun-free” utopia of New York.

A group of four hoods, led by an armed drug dealer, invaded Gus Augusto’s restaurant supply business, pistol whipped a clerk, pointed a gun at secretary Dorothy Hunt and demanded cash. Augusto responded that there was no cash and implored the robbers to leave. Rather than leaving, the assailants resumed beating the clerk. Augusto responded by retrieving his shotgun and opening fire. Two of the assailants were killed and two were wounded and treated.

The response has been predictable. NYPD focus on the fact that Augusto didn’t have a “permit” for the shotgun, though have “magnanimously” declined to press charges. The families of the assailants have protested loudly that they were “good sons” or “good men” and claim that Augusto murdered the assailants. I’m sorry, what word do some of these people live in? Denial must be running very deep because no “good son” or “good man” invades a person’s place of business with the intent of robbing it – much less does so armed and beats the employees in the process. I guess in New York no one has to take responsibility for their actions.

One thing that’s interesting – the New York Daily added one of those unscientific polls to the article asking:

“A Harlem shop owner who shot two would-be robbers do death said he no choice but to open fire. Did he do the right thing?”

The results are surprising – especially for a New York paper:

“Yes, he had no choice. He had to defend himself. 83%

“No, he could have avoided firing his gun. 2%

“I don't know. It seems like a decision you can only make in that moment. 15%”

Bloomberg and his draconian anti-gun and anti-defense policies have created an environment where criminals have all the advantages. It’s also apparently created an environment where delusional families don’t recognize (or are unwilling to accept) the fact that there is true evil in their midst. Until the people of New York have their inalienable right to self defense restored and the culture of “blame someone else” is erased, the city will continue to be a cesspit of criminals, drugs, and gangs. Sadly enough, Bloomberg seems to think his city is a “model” for the nation, and has gotten many other mayors onboard. The reality is New York is a model of what NOT to do.

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