Tuesday, August 4, 2009

CNN Administration Report Card

In case you haven’t seen it, CNN has set up a report card where you can grade the administration, Congress, and even the media on several current issues. From the results so far, it’s clear that the nation isn’t happy and that the honeymoon is over for the Obama administration. Based on the methodology used its hard to get a really low grade, but the results so far are very interesting. Here’s the current status:

Q1: Grade the administration on the economy.

So far: DC gives the administration a C+, that’s the high point, eleven states give it a C, thirty four states give it a C-, and five states give it a D. If you look inside the numbers, between 25% and 40+% of individuals voting give the administration an F.

Q2: Grade the administration on health care:

So far: A disaster for the administration with only DC and Alaska giving the administration a C, roughly nine states giving the administration a C-, and the rest of the nation giving it a D. In many states well over 50% of those responding give the administration an F.

Q3: Grade the administration on foreign affairs:

So far: This is one of the few “bright spots” for the administration with most states giving the administration a solid C with a smattering of C+’s, a few C-‘s, and even one B- from DC. Inside the numbers roughly 25% of the individuals responding are still giving the administration an F.

Q4: Grade Secretary of State Clinton

So far: She does better than the administration with no state rating her lower than a C with many C+ grades.

Q5: Grade Vice President Biden

So far: YEEEOWCH!!!! DC gives him a C, twenty one give him a C-, the rest give him a D. The fraction of F votes is also very large on this question.

Q6: Grade you state Senators:

So far: Most people aren’t happy with their senators – this one is a slightly different pattern as it isn’t asking a rate on the Senate itself.

Q7: Grade the performance of Congress:

So far: Double YEEEOWCH: No state gives Congress above a D. “F” grades are a majority in many states.

Q8: Grade the performance of the Republican Leadership in Congress.

So far: Not great, but a little better than Congress as a whole – mostly D’s with roughly 10 C- grades. It is interesting to note that the proportion of “F” votes is lower (~10% from a cursory glance) than Congress as a whole.

Q9: Grade the performance of the media:

So far: D’s across the board with a huge percentage of F grades.

Q10: Grade President Obama:

So far: A couple of C+ grades, ten C grades, a boatload of C- grades, and seven D’s. Proportion of F grades is also high.

Clearly the honeymoon is over for this administration. They can no longer blame the previous administration for all of the issues facing the nation today. Some of the centerpieces of the administration’s domestic policy are meeting with substantial resistance. Gaffes in the realm of health care, the deficit, the economy and gun control are clearly taking their toll. Hopefully this positive momentum will arrest this nation’s slide into socialism.

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