Friday, August 28, 2009

Everyone Else is Jumping off the Bridge

Remember the stereotypical motherly question "If everyone else jumped off a bridge, would you do it too?" Hopefully in the area of gun control, America’s answer will be a resounding “no,” but it seems like everywhere you turn, the world is jumping off of that bridge at an alarming rate.

Ireland has passed several new onerous gun laws which have infuriated many people there. The Philippines are in the middle of an amnesty period before stricter controls take effect there. Leftists in the United States often point out that America is a “laughing stock” because of its “lax” gun laws trying to persuade the nation to take the plunge.

However, the facts continue to demonstrate that gun control just doesn’t work. In actuality, it makes crime worse. Drug and gang crime in the UK is spiraling out of control resembling a bleak US crime drama. Crimes involving firearms (which supposedly don’t exist in Britain since they’re banned) are up by more than 50% and fatal stabbings are at their highest levels ever. In the U.S., Chicago has a near total ban on handguns, yet it is our murder capital.

Policy makers try to respond with their typical nanny state remedies – more free social welfare and gun "bans" enforce a vicious cycle of poverty for those trapped in the cities and threaten the liberties of the law abiding. One definition of insanity is to “keep doing the same thing and expect a different result.” The political leadership in our urban areas is clearly insane by this definition, and needs to be opposed at every junction. We need new solutions – ones that will actually break the culture of drugs and violence but respect the inalienable rights of American citizens.

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