Friday, August 7, 2009

Final Report Card Grades In!

CNN has posted the final grades from its second 100 day report card. The results represent a stark contrast to the administration’s first 100 days. In this version, individuals had the option of adding a + or – to grades, I’m just going to report the results as a straight letter grade to make the trends clearer.

Q1: Grade the administration on the economy.

Overall Grade: C-
A: 22%
B: 17%
C: 9%
D: 16%
F: 36%
Four point math: 1.73 / C-

I’ll assume that a “D” or an “F” equates to an unacceptable grade for the purpose of my analysis. Based on the CNN poll, it looks like a clear majority (52%) disapproves of how the administration is handling the economy. Not a great start for the administration.

Q2: Grade the administration on health care reform

Overall Grade: D
A: 19%
B: 15%
C: 8%
D: 9%
F: 49%
Four point math: 1.46 / D

… but the administration and Democratic leaders in Congress tell us that the people disrupting town meetings angry about the health care proposal represent a small minority of special interests and lobbyists. Based on these results, I’d say the administration and Congressional leaders are full of it. It’s clear that the overwhelming majority of respondents don’t like the current proposals.

Q3: Grade the administration on foreign affairs

Overall Grade: C
A: 29%
B: 13%
C: 14%
D: 16%
F: 26%
Four point math: 1.99 / C (barely)

One of the rare bright spots – clearly the distribution is heavy on both ends.

Q4: Grade Secretary of State Clinton

Overall Grade: C+
A: 29%
B: 21%
C: 21%
D: 13%
F: 15%
Four point math: 2.34 / C+

Clearly the Secretary of State is more popular at this point than the policies of the administration.

Q5: Grade Vice President Biden

Overall Grade: C-
A: 12%
B: 19%
C: 17%
D: 16%
F: 35%
Four point math: 1.55 / C- (close to a D+)

The math here seems fuzzy, but it looks like Biden benefited from some quirks in the math. With a 51% disapproval rating, it seems like an overall C- grade is generous.

Q6: Grade your Senators

Overall Grade: C-
A: 11%
B: 18%
C: 22%
D: 18%
F: 31%
Four point math: 1.60 / C-

This is sort of an oddball because it is a truly state focused question. North Dakota seems to really like its senators. Everyone else goes downhill from there.

Q7: Grade the performance of Congress

Overall Grade: D
A: 5%
B: 10%
C: 16%
D: 19%
F: 52%
Four point math: 1.01 / D

Congress has a credibility and performance issue. Quite frankly its time to fire many of them.

Q8: Grade the Republican Leadership in Congress

Overall Grade: D
A: 8%
B: 14%
C: 22%
D: 16%
F: 40%
Four point math: 1.34 / D+

Though the Republicans still average out to a “D” according to CNN’s somewhat skewed four point scale, it’s clear that they’re doing better than Congress as a whole.

Q9: Grade the media

Overall Grade: D
A: 4%
B: 10%
C: 19%
D: 19%
F: 49%
Four point math: 1.03 / D

Talking about pathetic. The country is clearly not happy with the media at this point. Hopefully they’ll start waking up and realize that their continued bias is antagonizing their readers and viewers.

Q10: Grade President Obama

Overall Grade: C-
A: 29%
B: 12%
C: 7%
D: 13%
F: 39%
Four point math: 1.79 / C-

Mirroring national polls, the disapproval rating for the president is rising. Opposition to the health care plan is rising, which represents a centerpiece of his domestic policy. Attempts to re-instate the so-called “assault weapon ban” (which never had anything to do with assault weapons) can’t have helped either.

It’s clear that the nation is not happy. They’re not happy with Congress, they’re not happy with the health care proposals, they’re not happy with the President. Hopefully the administration and Congressional leaders will take these results to heart and stop putting their ideology and interests ahead of those of the nation.

Well, I can hope can’t I???

Until next time!!!


Micah said...

We can all hope. It is clear people aren't happy by all the townhall meetings...lots of angry people. This is good, congress and the higher ups need to wake up and realize they will have a real mess on their hands if they keep down this path.

Fingolfen said...

I agree - I just hope the anger and frustration actually results in changes next November.