Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Interesting Take on Thune Amendment Defeat

The Jurist, a publication of the University of Pittsburgh School of Law, recently published an opinion by Alan Gura discussing the defeat of the Thune Amendment. His take is that the defeat of the Thune Amendment effectively violates the Constitution’s “full faith and credit clause.” He argues that one of the key purposes of the Constitution was to ensure “Americans do not trip on internal borders.” As it stands today, concealed carry regulations and reciprocity is a maze of conflicting regulations.

As I stated last week, I’m encouraged that the Thune Amendment had such broad bi-partisan support in the Senate, and I sincerely hope it the issue will come up again soon. I’d much prefer a vote where a simple majority vote would allow it to pass though (as I don’t think its die hard opponents have the votes to filibuster).

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