Thursday, August 6, 2009

Mexico Continues to Try and Dictate American Law

ABC is a reporting that Mexico will continue to push for a new so-called “assault weapon ban” in the US at the upcoming North American Leaders summit. According to the article, an unnamed official stated:

“I would like to see the assault weapons ban reinstated – it’s not philosophical, it’s because of what we have seen on the ground…There is a direct correlation between the assault ban and expiring in 2004 and the numbers – simply the sheer numbers – of assault weapons that we seize in Mexico…We are both cognizant of what can and cannot be done right now – we will softly, diplomatically…continue to say that this is an important issue for us but I think the real perspectives of this moving on Capitol Hill these days are slim to say the least.”

The ‘official’ goes on to state:

“The Mexican government is not about challenging the Second Amendment. That’s a sovereign decision of the United States. It’s a sovereign decision of the U.S. Congress. That’s up to you guys. But the Second Amendment wasn’t adopted by the Founding Fathers to allow transnational organized crime to illicitly buy weapons in the Unites States and be illicitly cross them over international borders into countries where those calibers and types of weapons are prohibited.”

Thank you, but I’ll keep interpretation of the Second Amendment to the experts – the people who actually wrote the thing. Just because Mexico believes that a disarmed populace is easier to control, that’s not our problem. If Mexico is so concerned about weapons trafficking, then they need to beef up the border – not only to keep alleged American weapons from entering their country, but to keep their citizens from illegally entering OURS! I’m all for a tighter border, and it seems to me that it would make everyone’s life easier. Let's work on that instead, eh?

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Nick Jesch said...

For an interesting variation on a theme, the great "republic" of Mexico should give serious consideration to repealing the laws disarming her citizenry. Imagine, if any Mexican citizen had the right to bear arms, would the narcoistas have it so easy when they ride into a town, shoot up a bunch of civilians, and take the place over, imposing their corrupt power over the residents? Certainly not. A goodly part of the problem is that Mexicans are, in the main, unarmed, and those bent on mayhem know it. So the population can do little more than cower, or die at the hands of the stronger. Let the citizens of Mexico be armed, and see how long they tolerate the corruption, abuse, violence.

Fingolfen said...

Philosophically I agree with you there... I didn't go there in my comments because in faulting Mexico for telling us how to run our country, I didn’t want to tell them how to run theirs. It is, however, clear that they’ve lost control...