Monday, August 31, 2009

More Anti-Gun Politics in the Funny Pages

One of the few remaining bastions of readable material in most newspapers these days has been the comic pages. I regularly read through the “educational section” as it’s one of the few places that isn’t heaped with biased reporting demonizing lawful firearm owners. Unfortunately the same politics that dominate the rest of the paper now seem to be creeping into the comics page, with the recent lifting of the ban on concealed weapons in parks causing a lot of “stir.” At this point we can add the comic Mother Goose and Grimm to the list of anti-gun / anti-Second outlets. The August 31, 2009 comic strongly implies that concealed carry holders will shoot randomly in parks and endanger visitors.

Maybe it’s time for a letter writing campaign to strip creator Mike Peters? The combination of comedy and politics goes way back, but it’s only “funny” to one side of the political fence. Hopefully this particular strip will backfire in the minds of most Americans.

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flea said...

Are you serious? I guess I don't read it the same way you do. Maybe I'm not paranoid enough.

Fingolfen said...

I read it as he was going for peace and quiet, congress allowed concealed weapons in parks, so he was shot at... don't see any other way to read that one... remember to check the right date - the link will probably take you to the strip of the day...