Tuesday, August 4, 2009

More Seeking Concealed Carry Permits

USA Today ran an article indicating that record numbers of individuals are applying for concealed carry permits in record numbers. As mainstream articles go, it’s fairly balanced though it does seem to go out of its way to indicate that gun owners are “fearful” – be that of increases in violent crime because of the current economic downturn or gun control legislation proposed by a largely Democratic Congress and administration.

Honestly, I’m glad to see American’s waking up and actually exercising their Second Amendment rights. For too long we’ve taken a very casual approach to many of our rights as long as the economy is okay and taxes aren’t too high. That kind of complacency is a luxury we can’t afford anymore. The erosions to our rights in the last quarter century have been staggering. We have to draw the line and begin to reverse this trend; otherwise the America we leave for our children will be the merest shadow of its former self.

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