Monday, August 10, 2009

Return of the Big Lies – Time Magazine

As I reported last Thursday, Mexico continues to want to make a U.S. so-called “assault weapon ban” a priority. Recently Time published an article “Obama's Mexico Mission: Keep Guns in El Norte” by Ioan Grillo clearly trying to drum up popular support for such a measure. The piece was an absolute travesty with more lies and distortions than I’ve seen in a long time. It starts out bad and then goes downhill from there:

“The camcorder shakes as it films the thud of thick .50 caliber bullets ripping through a steel plate target in the heat of the Arizona desert. Panning across the jagged rocks and cacti, the camera then focuses on the shooter: a smiling Mexican sitting down on the dust as he uses both hands to fire the huge state-of-the-art weapon that can tear through tank armor. He was the happy customer, having bought the killing machine from an Arizona gun shop for about $21,000.”

Now the dreaded .50 cal has gone from merely being able to “down a plane” (which it can’t) to being capable of “tear[ing] through tank armor.” Anti-tank rifles were generally of a much higher caliber than .50 and have been obsolete since the early days of World War II. A .50 caliber rifle wouldn’t even go through a vintage Sherman, much less any modern tank. Of course, in addition to lying about the capabilities of the weapon, the author’s clear bias is showing by referring to the weapon as a “killing machine.”

The article doesn’t get any better:

“Obama concedes that one major problem in stopping the traffic is the strength of U.S. gun laws - and the gun lobby supporting them. Mexican officials have pushed for the United States to reinstate a Clinton-era ban on assault rifles. Such weapons - especially Kalashnikovs and AR15s - are behind the vast majority of Mexican gang killings. Both types of guns have been sold widely in Arizona and Texas since the U.S. ban on sale of assault weapons was repealed in 2004.”

Wow – where to start? First let’s start with the obvious factual errors. The 1994 ban did not ban the sale of the AR-15 or semi-automatic AK-47 clones. It merely limited the feature combinations on such rifles. So any correlation between the 2004 expiration (not repeal) of the 1994 ban is coincidental. To put it more simply, you could buy virtually the same weapon both before and after the ban, so I have serious doubts about the veracity of the Mexican numbers on this issue.

Second, again the author’s bias is showing by tying American gun laws to a “lobby.” The NRA, GOA and other organizations are very grassroots and are comprised of millions of individual, everyday citizens. Compare this to those opposed to the Second Amendment – like the Soros Foundation and their recommendations for draconian gun control.

Yet again our rights and freedoms are under attack – this time from the Mexican government with the tacit approval of the administration and media outlets like Time magazine. I urge everyone to write Time magazine and highlight the plethora of errors and misconceptions in this most recent piece. Those opposed to our liberty are well connected and well funded, and only continued grassroots activism will keep their agenda at bay.

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Troy said...

I like how the picture at the top of the article shows a Barret 50 cal, what looks like a 10-round, magazine-fed sniper rifle with a few yards of chained machine-gun ammo sitting on top of it. :-\

I'm writing to Time regarding that article, I bcc you on it too, sice I stole some of the points pointed out in your blog!


Fingolfen said...

Steal with pride! :D

Troy said...

I'm still mad about that article... Even the picture at the tops suggests things! It shows what looks to me like Barrett's 82A1, a *SEMI*-automatic, 10-round magazine-fed rifle... But with a bunch of linked ammo like you'd use with a fully automatic machine gun, to suggest it was a .50 cal machine gun purchased in the U.S. :-|

Who knows, maybe I'm just reading too much into it?

Fingolfen said...

No - they're trying to "make truth" - typical Orwellian BS.