Monday, August 31, 2009

The UK – Big Brother Everywhere

In yet another intrusion into the lives of ordinary citizens, BBC News is reporting that the British Medical Association (BMA) wants to “tag” or “highlight” the medical records of individuals with firearm licenses. The article goes on to debate the various merits of the issue, from a decidedly anti-gun owner perspective for the most part. What should be instructive, and terrifying, to an American citizen is how this ties into our own debate over health care. The UK’s socialized health care is being used as a model by many proposing “reform” in Washington.

The actions of British Doctors and the BMA are instructive as to the direction that we could expect the US to move toward if we implement a universal health care scheme. In addition to being openly hostile to gun owners, British Doctors have called for bans on kitchen knives and virtually anything that can be used as a weapon. Given the fact that health care and government are not distinct in the UK, the privacy implications are obvious.

At this point the UK has TV cameras monitoring all aspects of life. Ostensibly the cameras are there to “prevent crime”, but as I reported last week, crime in the UK continues to spiral out of control. Clearly the bans and schemes aren’t working, yet groups in the UK continue to call for additional bans, additional restrictions, and additional monitoring.

British citizens have given up their privacy, their right to self-defense, and so much more in hopes of comforts and convenience. The return for those sacrifices seems to be a declining standard of life and an increasing crime rate. We can not and must not go down the same path. We as a nation need to learn from the mistakes made by the UK and Europe and blaze our own trail – one that continues to hold the rights and liberties of the individual above all else.

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Micah said...

It constantly blows my mind that they want even more control in the UK. Per 1,000 CCTV cameras 1 crime is solved...when will the Brits stand up and say 'enough'? I hope we never get like that here. Learn from their mistakes

Fingolfen said...

One of these days I hope Britain will wake up. There are a few people over there that are screaming bloody murder - Jeremy Clarkson from Top Gear being one of them - but they're drowned out by the nanny state advocates and the sheep.