Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Another Day, Another Administration Kook

Another busy day here, unfortunately. Our dear leader has nominated yet another individual from way outside the “normal” distribution to yet another made-up post. This time it’s the “regulatory czar.” And this one is a real winner. His name is Cass Sunstein, and he believes hunting should be abolished, animals should be able to sue humans in count, and believes that all gun control legislation is “Constitutionally fine.”

You’d think Obama would have learned his lesson by now, but he continues to follow the same path of nominating leftist extremists to positions of power with minimal Congressional oversight. This latest nomination comes mere days after Van Jones resigned as “green czar” because of previous statements around the government’s role in the 9/11 terrorist attacks. Many in Washington questioning whether the “czar” role is even appropriate in American government, especially given that the administration has over 30 of them at this point.

Tennessee Senator Lamarr Alexander states:

"I don't think (Jones is) the issue. I think the czars are the issue. We have about two dozen so-called czars -- the pay czar, the car czar, all these czars in the White House."

Sunstein would be yet another monarch carving out a fiefdom in American policy. This individual’s views are not only well outside the American mainstream, they run contrary to the Constitution. Gun Owners of America is urging everyone to write their Senators and urge that Sunstein is not confirmed as “Regulatory Czar” as he would have too much influence over policy.

I’ve already written mine! Until next time!!!


Troy said...

Just finished writing my Senators too. I wonder how the wonderfull "gun friendly" Wyden and Merkley will respond? :-\

Fingolfen said...

I shudder to think...

Troy said...

"At his confirmation hearing, I believe he thoroughly and adequately answered Senator Susan Collins' (R-ME) questions about his personal views on hunting, refuting the charge that he opposes hunting and strongly expressing his support for the 2nd Amendment to the United States Constitution."

Brilliant... Thanks Merkley. :-\

Fingolfen said...

Yes - and everyone ate their BS as served up by the nominee like good little leftists... *sigh*