Friday, September 25, 2009

October 2009 American Rifleman Review

I know – I’m way behind – bad Mikey! Pretty decent issue this time around – more of a political bend to a lot of the articles, but given the current environment, that’s not surprising. It starts out with a letter from the editor that hits very close to home – gun collecting. I have a decent little collection, and it’s really where a lot of my interest lies. It gives a URL to the NRA Gun Collector Programs courtesy of the National Firearms Museum page. Going to have to check that out. I’m a member of Oregon Arms Collectors, but their meetings are usually at a bad time for me – going to have to try to be more of a regular next year.

Wayne LaPierre has a brief article on the sudden Democratic interest in “States’ Rights.” In fact, many of them are only interested in the 10th Amendment when it serves their cause to limit the 2nd Amendment. Individuals like Schumer, Feinstein, Durbin, etc. who have no problem enacting sweeping Federal programs when it suits their interests suddenly become advocates of “States’ Rights” when nation-wide recognition of concealed carry permits is proposed (similar to the fact that all states recognize drivers’ licenses).

There’s also a neat little article on a firearm fan who scuba dives, drives rally cars, and has served as an officer in the military – King Abdullah II of Jordan. He recently was vacationing in the U.S. (cross-country motorcycling and white water rafting) and visited the Gunsite Academy in Arizona for some shooting. He was given a lifetime NRA membership and was presented with a .45 Colt SAA and a Gunsite M1911. I REALLY like the 1911 he got...

There’s also an article on Bloomberg’s continued efforts to disarm America. It has some fairly staggering statistics in it. Bloomberg and his cronies accuse Congress of backing down to the NRA and other “special interests.” Yet the NRA is actually a grassroots organization. Bloomberg has put $2.9 million of his own money into his campaign to shred the Constitution. Billionaires like Eli Broad have put in at least $750,000. The Joyce Foundation has put in $1.1 million. Talking about a few individuals trying to buy policy! Who’s the unrepresentative “special interest” here again? Their goal is to “take back the Second Amendment” – meaning they want the individual right affirmed by the Second Amendment to go away.

Ruger has (finally) released a version of the AR-15. There is a piston operated type which accepts normal AR magazines. The lower receiver, upper receiver bolt, firing pin, and charging handle are standard AR-15 as well. The price, however, is way up there at $1995 suggested retail. Speaking of the AR-15, there’s a great write up on its big brother, the M4 as well detailing its history, construction, and performance in the field.

There’s also a very timely article about Gun Shows. Because of media hype, hysteria, distortions, and outright fabrications, there are a lot of people who don’t know jack about gun shows – but KNOW they “need more regulation.” It’s great to have an article that gets the basic facts out there for people to see. Unfortunately being in American Rifleman, the article is pretty much preaching to the choir.

One article that reminds us just how much things have changed (and not for the better) discusses Abraham Lincoln’s fascination with rifles. He even tested many of the carbines and early repeaters which ended up seeing service in the Civil War. If only our current President had that level of interest in firearms and respect for our Liberties.

There’s a lot more good stuff in this issue as well – it’s a definite keeper!

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