Friday, September 25, 2009

September Rose City Gun Show Report

Actually made it to the gun show this past weekend (after a trip to the retro-gaming fair). Show was much smaller than it was a couple months ago when the military vehicle guys were there (although it could have been the same number of gun tables but looked smaller because there wasn’t a Stuart tank up front). Talking to some of the vendors, it sounds like the show was a bit slower than some of the previous ones.

Selection was pretty good. Ammunition prices are definitely coming back down to their pre-election levels. I was even able to secure myself three boxes of large rifle primers. I also picked up some accessories for my 6.8mm Remington SPC AR (blog post forthcoming). I’d ordered the upper months ago at the beginning of the year, and it finally arrived a couple of weeks ago.

I did see one very drool worthy rifle at the show – a Japanese Type 44 rifle – mint, near 100% blue, with the mum – oh, and it has a 1st pattern bayonet. I’ve got a late Type 44 with the 3rd pattern bayonet that’s cherry with a mum, but I’d never seen a 1st pattern in that condition.

Until next time!!!


Micah said...

That's good to hear about the ammo prices. I'm sad I missed it, will hopefully hit up the next one or two. I've shot a lot of AK this summer and realized my supply need to be replenished.

What's this about the retro gaming show?

Fingolfen said...

Small show at the Crowne Plaza - focused on mostly older gaming systems / older computers. Was neat to take a trip down memory lane. Ended up picking up a new Xbox 360 game, but won some vintage stuff in the raffle... :D