Thursday, October 22, 2009

Media Continues to Orbit Bloomberg’s Ego

The NRA-ILA website has an article detailing Bloomberg’s latest escapades in his egomaniacal crusade to erode and eliminate your right to keep and bear arms. Surrounded by cameras and media at a “news conference” Bloomberg proclaimed that his undercover agents had discovered "a willful disregard of the law" by "74% of gun show sellers." Seems fairly damning until you realize the following:

“...his "investigators" attended gun shows only "in states . . . that supply crime guns trafficked across state lines at the highest rates," only in neighborhoods with the highest incidence of "federal prosecutions for straw buying and trafficking, and proximity to urban areas experiencing gang violence," and ultimately focused their attention on only 47 individuals who, based upon their comments and actions, seemed the most likely to violate a gun sale law.”

Granted, it’s troubling that there are that many individuals willing to break the law, but the statistics do not carry to the general population, nor do they carry to the general gun show population. Unfortunately many of the usual anti-gun suspects seem to have similarly flunked basic statistics:

"Thanks to Mayor Bloomberg and the New York City Police Department, the public can see firsthand what goes on at these weapons markets," said the Brady Campaign.

"This investigation reveals how easy it is for criminals and even terrorists to purchase firearms at gun shows," said Sen. Frank Lautenberg (D-N.J.).

Media outlets and newspapers nationwide have latched onto Bloomberg’s “revelation” with their usual level of journalistic integrity – that is to say none. The NRA site correctly points out:

“Reporters worthy of the name would have pointed out that buying a gun for a family member or friend as a gift is not a straw purchase. It's a violation of the law only to buy a gun for a prohibited person. And competent reporters would have also noticed that Bloomberg's "investigation" actually undercuts his call for requiring background checks on non-dealer sales at gun shows. The most common gun sale violation, Bloomberg says, is that straw purchasers defeat the background check. Requiring more sales to be run through checks would not alleviate the straw purchase problem one whit.”

Individuals who break firearm law should be prosecuted, but that is the duty of the BATFE, not the Mayor of the City of New York or its police department. Thirty or so individuals at specifically targeted gun shows do not represent a nationwide epidemic. All this latest stunt proves is that Bloomberg will go to any lengths to deny American’s their inalienable right to keep and bear arms – and hog the media spotlight.

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Micah said...

They will do anything to skew things in their favor. Ridiculous. Infuriating really. When lightly debating this with people I enjoy setting them straight as to what really goes on at gun shows. People that have never been have no idea, some people I have talked to literally think it's shady like the black market or something. I'm tempted to spend the $7 and take them there myself to set 'em straight!
wow. sorry about the rant.
Good piece as always :)

Fingolfen said...

Thanks Micah!

I've managed to get a few poeple out to gun shows... it's always been amazing when they realize what really goes on there.

Troy said...

I'm never sure which aggravates me more, that Bloomberg is on such gun-grabbing and probably legally questionable crusade in the first place, that the media eats it up and reports it as facts, or that many believe the reports they see! Grr...

It is always fun to set people straight on the facts, the frustrating part is that the people that need the fact-correcting the most are usually the people that dismiss anything you say out of hand once they know your views on firearms! :-\

Fingolfen said...

Troy - I agree with you 100%. There is SUCH a slant to most journalism these days that they'll lap up anything that supports their pre-conceived notions.