Monday, October 19, 2009

October Rose City Gun Show Report

Had an enjoyable afternoon at the Portland Gun Show on Saturday as it was too rainy outside to do – well, pretty much anything without the use of SCUBA gear! A few of the regular vendors were moved around a bit because some regulars couldn’t make this show. Pricing on firearms is about steady from last time around, so the recent discounts I’ve seen online haven’t started to work their way through the system. For example, AIM has a WASR10 for about $380 at this point, whereas they were all closer to $500 at the show.

Ryan Judy had a first article of a Finnish Suomi M31 9mm semi-automatic on display. I’ve got one on order and picked up two stick and two drum magazines at the show. He also had a decent selection of Finnish Mosin Nagant rifles. There were a few semi-decent C&R rifles elsewhere at the show, but it was lighter than previous shows.

A few of the people walking through had some interesting firearms they were offloading. I ended up picking up a Smith and Wesson Victory Model for a reasonable price. Hit one of the vendors specializing in C&R and picked up British Canvas holster to go with it too.

Overall I had a great time. I’m still considering setting up a table in November or December as I need to rotate some of the collection.

Until next time!!!


Micah said...

How was ammo? I've been watching 7.62 coming down online, was curious how the local fare is going. I was out of town AGAIN for the dang gun show. Was just thinking last night (I hope there is a show soon).
November is usually a big one.

Fingolfen said...

Never even made it over to the ammo! Too busy chewing the fat and seeing what was coming in the door.