Tuesday, November 3, 2009

End of the Road for the AK-47?

The English version of Pravda is reporting that Izhmash will be unveiling a new weapon next year designed to replace the venerable (and ubiquitous) AK-47. Citing the need for a more efficient weapon platform, and the fact that the AK was “is a weapon of the wars of the past, a weapon for large and poorly trained armies.”

It will be interesting to see what Izhmash has come up with next year, but whatever they’ve developed, it has huge shoes to fill. Call me skeptical, but the Russians have attempted to replace the AK-47 before, and yet it still remains the basic platform for an exceptionally large class of weapons used the world over.

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56kninja said...

Well, that certainly is scary, and exciting. Look at the great lengths the AK is used in the world. I can only imagine what the next weapons platform will become in the world.

Also, I'm sure we can look forward to a lot of new kits parts and such coming over, and if we're lucky, surplus ammo.

Fingolfen said...

I honestly think that satellite states will continue to produce the AK. Venezuela just got tooled up, so even if the Russians don't produce it anymore, someone will.

I do agree on the kits, though. I'd love to see some new kits hit the market.

56kninja said...

Yeah that would be great. I hope they switch out of 5.45x39mm

Would love to see some kits and lots of ammo come through. Been thinking about an AK-74.

Main problem was mags are expensive and harder to find from what I've seen.

It'll be interesting to see what their replacement for the AK is. Probably something closer to the M16 and it's kin.

Fingolfen said...

5.45x39mm mags can sometimes be a little more expensive, but the ammo is generally a bit cheaper... I've got one 5.45 at this point (Tantal), working on a Bulgy AK-74

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