Sunday, December 6, 2009

December 6th Roundup

I’ve just got a few various notes for today. First, the 2009 annual addition of Surplus Firearms from Guns and Ammo magazine detailed earlier this year has been re-issued and is on shelves now. If you missed it the first time, don’t miss it the second time.

I won a couple of auctions recently. I even broke my own rule and bid on something from Greg Martin Auctions. They seem to have cleaned up their fee structure a bit and are no longer including a “packing fee” on top of normal shipping and the 15% buyers premium. Shipping is still fairly spendy, but given one of the firearms is a handgun, those are usually expensive. Will post more when I get them in.

The Suomi is going to have to go back to Vernonia for some work. I just can’t get the action to cycle cleanly whereas others are not having any issues. Hopefully I’ll get it back by the end of the week so I can take it out plinking.

Empire Arms recently acquired some mint condition Webley Mark IV revolvers. These are the post-war variant with the cross bolt safety, but I just couldn’t say no to one. I need to get mine cleaned up, it’s a cosmoline baby at this point, and once I do I’ll post a feature on it.

I’ve also been working on a couple of AK builds. I nearly have a plum stock AK-74 together – just in time for AIM to come out with them at a bargain price. No good deed goes unpunished I guess! Look for a feature in the next couple of weeks on that one as well.

Until next time!!!


Troy said...

Nice round-up, and congrats on winning a few auctions. You ever go to the auction house in NW Hillsboro, They had a firearm auction last Sunday and I missed it! I need to find a safety selector for my AR, it was missing from the parts kit and nobody has one. :-\

Fingolfen said...

I do - I was going to hit their firearm auction, but I was dead broke... buddy of mine went and picked up the semi-auto Sten...

Fingolfen said...

On your safety selector - hit the gun show, I'm sure someone will have one. Alternately you can order parts individually from places like armalite.