Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Hunters Feed Hungry – PETA Cries Foul

The Washington Post recently ran an article on how hunting groups are donating deer meat to feed the hungry at homeless shelters. Unfortunately they felt compelled to include the opinions of so-called “animal rights” extremists as a counterpoint into an otherwise excellent example of hunters giving back to the community. With the Department of Agriculture reporting that upwards of 50 million people are struggling with hunger in America, I think it’s a credit to hunters everywhere that these organizations are donating meat.

According to the article:

“One doe can feed up to 200 people," said Richard Satterfield, a hunter and supporter of the food ministry. "They are high-protein, low-fat, very nutritious. And there are plenty of them, so there's no reason for anyone to go hungry in this country."

In fact, much of the donated meat comes from hunts approved to reduce out-of-control deer populations in urban and suburban areas. PETA argues that sterilization would be more ‘humane” and “effective” – though numerous reports have shown that such measures are not only ineffective, but prohibitively expensive as well.

It just goes to show the sort of unbalanced extremist mentality espoused by the “animal rights” groups. In their mind it’s okay for millions of human beings to go hungry, but it’s not okay to kill a prey animal. I honestly wonder if they realize how many rabbits and other 4-legged pests have to be killed for their “organic” and “vegetarian” diets to actually reach the table. Something tells me they have no clue. . . period.

Honestly, there is no group that has done more to preserve wildlife and preserve wildlife habitat than the American hunter. When the wild turkey was nearly extinct, it wasn’t legislation that brought it back – it was hunters - not the WWF, not PETA, not the Sierra Club. At some point these groups are going to lose their ability to fool people, but until then the American hunter will continue to act as steward of the land.

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