Thursday, December 17, 2009

Lies, Damn Lies, and Washington Ceasefire

If you have a strong stomach, go ahead and check out the press release by Washington Ceasefire on their efforts to pass the Washington Assault Weapon Ban detailed earlier today. Some of the “highlights”:

“Semi-automatic assault weapons are designed and intended for military purposes to kill as many people as quickly as possible in a designated area. These guns can fire over 200 bullets a minute. Even avid hunters acknowledge that semi-automatic weapons have no sporting purpose other than target practice which this bill would accommodate within designated shooting ranges. Significantly kits are readily available that can convert semi-automatic weapons to automatic “machine gun” status in just a few minutes. The risk of assault weapons is made worse by the so-called gun show loophole which allows gun purchasers, as young as eighteen, to purchase unlimited quantities of these dangerous weapons without a background check, record keeping or waiting period at various gun shows held almost weekly in this state.

“Both national and state polls show overwhelming support for the ban by similar 5 to 1 majorities. But passage for this common sense gun control measure is by no means guaranteed. Former Police Chief Norm Stamper said recently the people are far ahead of the politicians on this issue. Last year the U.S. Supreme Court validated the right of individuals to own handguns and sporting rifles but specifically gave the green light to state regulation for things such as mandatory background checks or a ban on military assault weapons.”

I actually hit the “add a comment” to the announcement, but doubt it will get published. So here’s my take:

How many lies can you tell in one article?

1) Conversion of a semi-auto into a full-auto is neither "simple" nor are there readily available conversion kits. The BATFE must approve all receivers for semi-automatic weapons, and they do so with this in mind.

2) I’m an avid hunter, and the AR-15 is a spectacular hunting platform with a wide array of cartridges available

3) I seriously question 5 to 1 support for an assault weapon ban. Please cite source.

4) The Department of Justice found that the 1994 Federal ban had no effect on crime because so-called “assault weapons” were used in a small portion of crimes

Go ahead and admit that this is the tip of a larger wedge to invalidate not only Section 24 of the Washington State Constitution, but the Second Amendment as well.

I stopped there with my comments, but I could have gone on for quite some time. It also wasn’t my most “politic” response, but there’s a time for civility and there’s a time for directness. This seems to be a case for the latter rather than the former.

It seems to be commonplace for these anti-civil rights groups to simply heap lies and distortions as high as possible in the smug belief that either no one will check their “facts”, or won’t be able to refute all of their “facts” in a seven second sound bite. The hubris of these groups knows no bounds, nor does their hostility toward the right to keep and bear arms. Given these groups are attacking our civil rights, I personally consider them to be hate groups, and I long for the day when we can prosecute them as such.

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Micah said...

Still a great write up and the commenter right after you really launched into it deeper. BOTH excellent responses.

It never ceases to amaze me what lengths and lies 'they' will go to, to get what they want.

It makes you wonder what other things they incorrectly report, lie or twist the truth about..

Fingolfen said...

DANG - I'm impressed they actually let those comments go through.

Unfortunately we're politically in an era where "the ends justify the means." Some of them honestly believe that if we just "get rid of all the guns" the underlying problems leading to violent crime will actually go away. Working from that viewpoint, you'll twist the truth to further the underlying “pure” agenda.

Unfortunately I strongly believe that they're almost universally led by individuals who have motivations other than reducing crime. For the highest rungs, it’s about control and creating a society dependent on the government. The more dependent on the government a society is, the more power wielded by “elected” officials.

Troy said...

I still want to know where they're finding these 3rd world-style gun bazzares!!! Maybe I could finally find the AR-15 safety selector and buffer tube I'm missing?

F.K. said...

Do a search for "Washington Ceasefire is LAME" on Google, facebook and twitter.