Tuesday, December 1, 2009

November Rose City Gun Show Report

I am WAY behind on blog entries at this point, but with the Thanksgiving holiday (I hope everyone had a great one), things tend to get reprioritized. I went to the November Rose City Gun Show – overall it was a decent show. I was hoping it would be a touch bigger, but there were some decent deals to be had if you looked around enough.

One thing that made this particular show special was I took a buddy who’d never been to a gun show. He’s interested in getting his concealed carry license and wanted to look at the various sidearms to see what worked for him. I really enjoyed taking him around the show and pointing out some of his options.

I ended up getting some night sights for my carry pistol, a Glock 27. I really enjoy the small frame Glock as a concealed carry pistol. It’s got decent stopping power with the .40 Smith cartridge, but isn’t as large as the 10mm or .45 ACP sub-compacts. It makes my XD-9 sub-compact look bulky by comparison.

Overall, yet another good show.

Until next time!!!

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