Monday, December 14, 2009

Police Shootings Up in 2009

According to a recent article on MSNBC, the number of police officers killed in the line of duty by individuals wielding firearms has risen roughly 24% from 2008. The actual raw numbers are, thankfully, still fairly low. To date 47 officers have been killed in 2009 as compared to 38 at this time last year. Given the article was from MSNBC, I expected the rest of it to be a hit piece calling for sweeping gun-control legislation, but I honestly was pleasantly surprised. According to the article:

“The availability of guns compounds the problem, criminologists say. But Pennsylvania, the state with the most gun-related officer deaths so far this year, has among the strictest gun laws in the country, according to a ranking by the pro-gun-control Brady Campaign to Prevent Gun Violence. Other states, like Louisiana, Oklahoma and Kentucky, have very little oversight and had few, if any, officer gun deaths this year.”

I honestly don’t believe that those numbers are an aberration. Time and again we see the worst murder and violent crime rates in areas with the strictest gun control. Strict gun control only emboldens violent offenders. The article goes on to state:

“Kevin Morison, a spokesman for the Officers Memorial Fund, which keeps the statistics, said he sees people on both sides of the gun debate using the numbers to prove points.

"But folks who are willing to intentionally target police officers seem to be able to find a way to accrue guns regardless of what the laws in those state would be," Morison said.”

That’s a refreshing dose of honesty, and it underscores the point that criminals do not, have never, and will never care about the law. They see themselves as above the law, at best, or simply use the law to further their aims.

The article credits bulletproof vests and other life-saving techniques for the general decline in police officer fatalities over the past several years. The police have a very dangerous job, and hopefully this year’s increase in fatalities is an aberration. The current state of the economy with rising unemployment can’t be helping the situation either!

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milkorder said...

I wouldn't know how to so the research, but it would nice to see what the numbers say concerning the increase or decrease of police brutality. Not anti police, but I am currently thinking about Portland, OR, a twelve year old girl, and a shotgun.

Fingolfen said...

Honestly that's a completely separate issue. , and one with no real bearing on police being killed by people with firearms. Most of these incidents seem to be in the line of duty or perpetrated by felons let out of club fed (see recent incident in Washington perpetrated by an individual who should have never seen the light of day again)...